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"FabuLush Fabric Flowersİ" Curtain - Bright Green & Metallic - 3' x 6'

Item #: 124027
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Item Specifics
35 inches
76 inches
76 inches
14 strands
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Item Description
Bright Green Metallic Leaves Curtain: Please see the close up image. The bamboo beads in between each set of leaves are BROWN. The smaller photo shows a green bead. The batch that we just received has BROWN beads. It's spectacular!

Try draping our fabric curtains along a ceiling to create real jungle magic!

This showy new FabuLush Fabric Flower Curtain is shining and full of life and energy! The 1.5" long leaves are silk and the color is a spectacular bright green, almost fluorescent, and its luminous leaves add instant pop! There are 14 strands of radiant green leaves with a touch of yellow, intermixed with brown bamboo tubes and each strand is about 75" - 76" long. The matte green head rail is 35.5" wide and has 2 eyelets attached for easy hanging. Hang this FabuLush Curtain in a window, a doorway, flat against the wall or use as a backdrop on a stage or for parties. This curtain will instantly transform that dark, boring area into an inviting dynamo of color and flair! Open the box, hang it up and you're done! Bamboo is a product of nature so our hand strung curtains can have variations in strand length.
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"FabuLush Fabric Flowersİ" Curtain - Bright Green & Metallic - 3' x 6'
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