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Real Glass Crystal Ball Pendants - Clear - 1 5/8" tall (40mm)

Item #: 750192
Item Specifics
1 1/2 inches
1 5/8 inches
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Item Description
Perfect for those projects where you need maximum impact with a large bead (and minimum impact on your budget!), our Cut Glass Clear Crystal Balls is absolutely stunning! Each ball weighs 3 oz. and is approx. 1 1/2" wide by 1 5/8" tall (38mm by 40mm) and there is a pre-drilled hole at the top with a handy jump ring attached, ready to hang and add glitzy sparkle!

The clarity of these balls is outstanding and the multi-faceted triangular cuts all around the balls make them glisten like crazy! The chunky teardrop shape provides maximum shine and dazzle! You can easily replace the jump ring with Monofilament Line and hang in plants or floral arrangements.

There is a minimum order of 2 Hanging Crystal Balls.

These shiny ornament drops are ideal for crystal wedding and event centerpiece Decor or use to accentuate floor Decor like Flowering Dogwood or Cherry Blossom Trees. Create a glimmering ceremony focal point by hanging from Wedding Arches!

Other creative uses for these would be in a window as a sun catcher, as added bling for chandeliers, or using the handy jump rings, craft your own Crystal Strand Garlands, using these balls for a weighted, finishing pendant! Then use Magnet Hooks to hang the strands from the metal strips in a drop ceiling for overhead glam! You can also remove the jump ring and nestle in tulle as table scatter or vase fill. Use just about anywhere that you'd like some seriously beautiful and low cost elegance!
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Real Glass Crystal Ball Pendants - Clear - 1 5/8" tall 40mm
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