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Centerpieces Fit for Fairytales from Intrigue Designs

Centerpieces Fit for Fairytales from Intrigue Designs

A High Low Centerpiece Combination is the Ultimate in Luxurious Wedding Tablescapes

Floral designer (and creative guiding star) Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs is one of the most consistently amazing professional floral designers whose work we stalk on Insta, and this glorious tablescape in the main photo shows why. Romance and mystery abound in these dramatic individually tented tables.

The marriage of high suspended florals to a sumptuous low bloom-and-candle affair is royally charming. We love the choice of fuchsia blooms cascading from our chandeliers, the suspended tealights in glass globes and the elegance of the long, low centerpiece. Shroud each table in a Pipe and Drape Tent, and you have the recipe for elegant, intimate gatherings.

With a similar color palette but a completely different design (2nd photo), Intrigue Designs harnesses the power of jewel tones to captivate with these tall floral centerpieces on crystal vases. The suspended candle holders and Crystal Bead Strands add sophisticated layering and a touch of romance, while the navy tablecloths set off the bright pink gorgeousness in the florals, lighting, and linens.

Metal Orbs are Adorbs in Sophisticated Structural Centerpieces

Actually, they’re more sophisticated than they are adorbs, but we couldn’t resist the literary effect. Sarah Campbell was one of the first designers to capitalize on the power of our Folding Metal Orbs as bases for floral chandeliers, centerpieces and so much more.

As in the 3rd photo, folding metal spheres are often filled with Florals and used as rustic chic chandeliers to great effect. But as usual for Intrigue Designs, this application is one of the most original and successful that we’ve seen, and after years of working with Sarah, we aren’t surprised to see that she is once again reimagining a staple décor piece in a fresh new way.

And really, that’s the key to providing value at the top strata of weddings and events. It’s not enough to have the right products ~ you also have to have a fresh, custom concept for every event, and the décor building blocks are a necessary starting point. When you know you have products that sell and that work in setting after setting, weekend after weekend, you’re free to work from that solid base to innovate. And there’s no one who offers clients more original, romantic, truly custom looks than Intrigue Designs.

Dying to zoom in a bit (4th photo) and see just what these metal orbs bring to the table? Well, you’re welcome.

Crowning Your Designs with Accent Pieces Fit for Royalty

Often, the difference between a basic design and one that wows is in the details. In the final photo, we love Sarah’s use of one of our favorite new accent pieces: gold crowns. Available in a variety of finishes, with jewels and without, and in several sizes, gold crowns are one of our favorite new items for this season.

On tables, as centerpiece toppers, with florals and without… There’s really no limit to the ways that these subtle metallic crowns can level up a design. And working in concert with our huge selection of Vases, candle holders, and other accessories, you really can’t miss including this hint of royal glamour at your next event.

Pssst… Since Sarah is in this image, we’ll point out two things: 1. These are real designs, done by actual professionals, using actual ShopWildThings products; and 2. You can tell from this candid shot that Sarah loves what she does, and that makes her the best kind of designer to work with ~ one who is happy doing what she does best, and who has found not just a career, but a vocation.

We love sharing the best designs that we see and the top designers whom we work with, and this post really does showcase what a great partnership between ShopWildThings and a creative professional can lead to: Great design, amazing events, and happy clients, and to die for word of mouth.

Want to get your hands on the trend setting new items and the tried and true staples that make a profitable mix of setups and accent pieces for your business? Interested in becoming a featured designer on our website?

Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us become your partner in sourcing great staple items, hot new on trend pieces, and everything in between. We have the nicest customer service reps you’ll ever deal with, and they are ready to work with you to level up your offerings to clients across a variety of budget and venue constraints.

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