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Fantasyland Tree - 8 Feet Tall - You Decorate - Very Heavy, Base Included

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Our beautiful fantasyland tree is absolutely ethereal in every way. Make any room, party or event come alive with this giant centerpiece that sparkles, shines and glimmers. The tip of each tree branch is finished with a pretty crystal in various shapes.

It's silver.It's 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide. It's available "decked out" with 24 beaded garlands or "in the buff".

Because the branches are "curly", it is very easy to wind beads around them and have them "stay". Or, you can just hang bead strands straight down by laying them over each of the curves on each branch. You can end up with a tree with branches as shown in the photo, OR you can have a WEEPING WILLOW look by hanging strands down long.

This tree comes in 3 pieces for easy transport and assembly: The top, the trunk and the base. The top branches collapse for storage.

The top portion features pliable silver metal. You can bend it to hang exactly how you would like for it to.

The bottom portion of the trunk is totally stable, standing on an attractive matching 20" square silver base.

The two pieces simply screw together, it takes about 1 minute to assemble. Brilliantly, too, for you event planners, this tree collapses down. Simply bend the branches up for easy transportation and storage.

You can decorate this tree it anyway you'd like. You can then purchase our beaded curtains in a variety of colors, cut the strands off of the rod, and add the strands to these trees.

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Fantasyland Tree - 8 Feet Tall - You Decorate - Very Heavy, Base Included
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