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Bring the Outdoors Into Elegant Luxury Weddings and Receptions

Bring the Outdoors Into Elegant Luxury Weddings and Receptions

A Pastel Floral Arch and Suspended Candles Adorn this Romantic Ceremony Space
A successful event design transports guests out of their physical setting and into the designer’s vision. This romantic ceremony space does just that, evoking everything that we love about Paris, springtime, and being in love.

The ceremony space includes a metal frame wrapped in Branches and Faux Florals and a bloom intensive canopy with tiered candle holders and crystals. This layered look appears complete, finished, and utterly unlike any hotel ballroom we’ve set foot in.

Light Curtains in the background add to the starry night effect, and we would strongly suspect that there is some pipe and (black) drape involved to complete the transformation.

Magical Ceremony Spaces Exist in Wonderlands of Faux Florals, Greenery, and Candlelight
In the 2nd photo, we guess you could argue that this ceremony space is actually outdoors, but the tent structure leads us to treat it like an indoor creation because in bad weather, the tent shell would be in place, and the setting would be equally effective.

We love the fabric draped wedding tent, the combination of Faux Greenery and florals, and the large cylinder vases of floating candles. A faux greenery wall would be an effective way to replicate the natural background regardless of weather conditions. And every component of this design is 100% reusable, making our faux alternatives good for the environment and good for your bottom line.

In the 3rd photo, this suspended faux floral creation is so successful in sweeping us into the creative’s vision that we almost don’t think about the structural limitations. Almost, but we kind of still do, because we’re an event company with tons of experience in tons of venues.

Our project solutions are designed to help in the real world situations that top wedding and event designers confront, and this one is no different. If your venue has the infrastructure to support a massive floral chandelier, we have one in stock, or we can build a Custom Chandelier to fit your specific needs.

But if you need the look of a suspended floral chandelier without the infrastructure (and the cherry picker rental), we also offer metal frames that provide the same effect in freestanding form. Because honestly, your brides do not much care how you get the job done, as long as you make their dreams a reality.

A Flowering Tree, Floral Topped Chandeliers, and Crystals Galore Bring the Outdoors Inside at this Luxury Wedding
When it comes to visual feasts, Indian weddings are among our favorites. Skillfully weaving together lighting, color, and design elements, Samani Decorators (4th photo) never disappoints, often overcoming logistical challenges to deliver a wow! factor that guests will remember long after the last candle is extinguished.

In this large ballroom setting, Pipe and Drape along with lighting solutions erase the hotel walls and form a blank canvas for the design. We love the interplay of the large floral tree with suspended Crystal Bead Strands and the trio of crystal chandeliers, both of which are accented with plentiful faux florals. And the pop of yellow in the bench is an inspired, unexpected feature that we just can’t get enough of.

When you’re ready to bring outdoor ambience to indoor spaces, let us help you find the high quality arches, gazebos, frames and accessories that your design arsenal needs. We have thousands of products in stock and ready to ship, and we can also fabricate almost any custom piece you can imagine.

Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us guide you toward the products that will work for you and your business. We have the large statement pieces, the small details, and everything in between to make your creative vision a reality in any venue.
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