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Pine Bud Spray & Vine - 6 Hanging Stems - 30"

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10 inches
30 inches
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Item Description
30" Faux Pine Bud Spray & Garland, 6 Hanging Stems Loaded With Green Buds To Add Texture & Fullness To Backdrop Arches & Gazebos, Centerpiece Tablescapes, Floral Chandeliers, Hanging Spheres & Wreaths

Luscious greenery adds so much depth and life to any floral decor and our beefy Pine Bud Spray complements neutral and colorful flowers, adds a ton of texture to any arrangement and fills a lot of space while broadening your display! This 30" long spray, or vine, has a 4" long stalk with 6 dangling stems of varying lengths that are loaded with green buds measuring 1 3/4" long by 1" wide. If you're looking for greenery that features some heft, this pine bud garland makes a very fresh and interesting addition. This spray is completely flexible and bendable and the total width depends on how much you fan it out but it is approx. 6" to 10" wide. The stems cascade all around the main stalk, making this an awesome choice for a winter wedding bridal bouquet and it can also be used as a candle holder garland (flameless candles only, please).

This cascading spray effortlessly creates marvelous draping centerpieces and it's so versatile. Let it tumble down tall vases like a Mermaid Centerpiece Vase , drape over shorter centerpiece choices like our rustic Whitewashed Wooden Box Planters or even snip the shoots to fit bud vases and terrariums.

Vines draping off an overhead frame like a Wrought Iron Garden Sphere is not only a trendy look but it can be changed up and accessorized for any event or theme. Roman pillar columns have pre-cut holes on the top plate so you can simply plop in this vine with other long stemmed flowers for instant aisle or entryway decoration! Does your event call for a backdrop Arch or Gazebo? You're going to want substantial greenery and florals that make an impact from a distance and this succulent spray will go that distance.

Reliable and attractive plants and greenery for your big event are priceless assets. Save time, simplify your efforts and find what you need from our wide variety of greenery, floral choices and accessories!
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Pine Bud Spray & Vine - 6 Hanging Stems - 30"
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