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Leafy Willow Spray 32" Draping Vine Greenery

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12 inches
32 inches
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Item Description
32" Long Leafy Green Willow Spray, Artificial Greenery Vine Gracefully Drapes Down to Enhance Ceremony Arches, Gazebos, Pipe and Drape Canopies or any Floral Arrangement

Graceful and elegant, our Leafy Willow Sprays are not only outstanding fillers for any floral arrangement, but the visual impact they add to overhead floral frames and structures is beyond exceptional! This 32" long spray has a 2 1/2" long stalk with 18 stems of varying length, filled with long slender leaves. Hanging naturally, this spray is 5 1/2"" wide but the bendable stems can fan out to approx. 1 foot wide. Fanning out the spray also creates a deeper, fuller look due to the layered design of the stems.

We all love flowers which are an essential element for weddings, special events and everyday decor, but adding greenery enhances any display and completes the visual. The stalk can easily be attached to frames and structures like a Pipe and Drape Canopy to add natural beauty and elegance by letting the leafy stems dangle down. Give lush depth, color and texture to a trellis, gazeebo or Wedding Arch and this spray certainly holds its own in floral arrangements, providing a nice pop of brilliant spring green color.

Top event planners and designers are taking advantage of every part of their venues by adding overhead floral chandeliers to completely surround guests in luscious natural foliage and this spray is an ideal addition for lavish draping designs. Using a hanging garden sphere or a 2-Tier Display Frame, dangle flowers and greenery to create suspended floral magic!

Beautiful, effortless, versatile and reusable. Just the kind of decor a busy planner or decorator dreams of!
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Leafy Willow Spray 32" Draping Vine Greenery
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