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Laser Cut Frame & Centerpiece Table Topper - 20", 24" & 31" White - Set of 3

Item #: 177200
Item Specifics
19 1/2 - 31 inches
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Item Description
Decorative Laser Cut Filigree Set of 3 Rings for Building Centerpiece Displays, Photo Frame Props or Hang to Fill Air Space

Our Laser Cut Filigree Frame and Centerpiece Builder Set is rich in beautiful patterns and fancy detailing that looks as elegant framing a table display as it does hanging overhead, and the photos of your guests being framed with these elaborate rings will create entertaining memories! The outer dimensions of this versatile set of 3 rings measures 19 1/2", 23 1/2" and 31" while the inner dimensions are 13", 15 1/2" and 21", respectively. These ornate frames are completely finished on both sides and each is 1/4" thick.

Use as a fancy edging around a cake or cake stand, cupcakes, desserts and treats or use as a framework to create unique centerpieces. Place them in the center of the table and surround them with candles. Encircle Mirrors and candles or Centerpiece Kits and tall vases dripping with floral blooms look even dreamier when dressed up with these classy rings. Since they are pure white, they look fantastic when placed on bright fabric or you can even paint them to match your theme colors.

All 3 rings together only weigh 1.4 lbs. and they look graceful suspended from the ceiling, event tents, wedding arches and even trees. There are many cut outs in the filigree design so it's easy to glitz up these hanging forms with Crystal Clear Pendants or ornaments.

Another application for these lightweight frames is to use as photo props or to frame actual photos! Attach rose petals, Butterflies, feathers or colorful rhinestones with U GLU Adhesive Dots which are easy to peel off so you can change the look as often as you wish. Plain ol' pictures are just, well, a bit tiresome and don't we all just love being a bit silly now and then so let your guests kick off the festivities and spice up those pics for awesome memories!

From ceiling to tabletop to photos, this Decorative Filigree Frame Centerpiece Set is an effortless way to jazz up weddings, showers, parties and events!
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Laser Cut Frame & Centerpiece Table Topper - 20", 24" & 31" White - Set of 3
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