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String Curtain Gold & Metallic Lurex 3 ft x 7.3 ft - Fire Treated Rayon

Item #: 921120
Item Specifics
36 inches
88 inches
Item Description
Fire Rated String Curtain Soft Gold With Metallic Lurex Threads, 36" by 88" Stage and Photo Backdrop

If your venue requires fire rated materials for decorating your wedding or event, the extra time and frustration to have this done is not convenient or efficient. The fire treatment is a special coating that's added to the fabric to provide fire retardant protection. Some exhibit and special event venues, commercial spaces and retail spaces require this flame retardant certification. Time is money and you've got enough to think about so simplify your efforts by choosing our decorative Fabric Fringe Curtains that are already fire treated!

Quality workmanship has gone into creating our luxurious string curtains that are sharp, stylish, classy and silky smooth! Our wonderful Fire Rated Metallic Gold Lurex Curtains with a matching 4" rod pocket are so easy to hang and have a multitude of uses! This curtain is 36" wide by 88" long and there are 420 silky soft rayon strands. There are approximately 11 strings per inch and this curtain is not only marvelous for windows, doorways and background decor but it also makes a glamorous room divider, stage and photo backdrop or it can be made into Hanging Columns!

Although the video features our Metallic Silver Fringe Curtain, please take a peek so you can better appreciate the stunning visual effect that the Lurex threads create when woven into the curtain strands.

There is no sacrifice made on quality to keep the cost of our string curtains down. Our panels are the highest quality, most beautiful that you can find anywhere at any price. Dress up store window displays, use to decorate trade show booths and these are wonderful at hiding or altering the appearance of a wall, column, closet, pantry or treasure room! Perfect for home, events, weddings, restaurants, hotels and even for outdoor festivities!

Easy to hang, you can use any type of rod or drapery hanging system including Pipe and Drape Ceremony Gazebos. Hang multiple panels next to each other to cover wider spaces. Stretch them out wide or bunch them up to create an even denser look. This string curtain weighs 2.3 lbs., making it an excellent alternative to traditional cloth drapes.

To create the look below, designer Kim Myles simply cut our string curtains with scissors! They WILL NOT fray!

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String Curtain Gold & Metallic Lurex 3 ft x 7.3 ft - Fire Treated Rayon
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