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LED Floating Rose Flickering Wax Candles, 2 3/4" Wide, IVORY - 2 Per Set

Item #: 998041
Item Specifics
2 3/4 inches
1 3/4 inches
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Item Description
The exterior wax colors on this set of roses may not be identical. Each rose may be a slight shade different but you just got a great discount and with them flickering in the dark, who's gonna be the wiser?!

The timeless beauty of roses never goes out of style and now you can have an evening filled with ivory roses that are easy to transport, won't wilt, won't disappoint and they cost way less. Our LED Ivory Floating Rose Wax Candles are very classy and are a sure fire way to create stylish and stress-free table Decor, wedding centerpiece displays or special effects lighting at any event and they're so easy to use. Here"s the directions: drop candle in water. that's it! These candles are made with real wax and there are 2 sensors on the bottom which activate the LED light when they hit water. You'll get a set of 2 rose shaped candles, each 2 3/4" in diameter and 1 3/4" tall.

These wonderful candles emit a bright, cool white light and the flame actually flickers! Just as wonderful as a real candle but LED"s are so much better. They last a very long time and flameless candles are clean, safe and you don't have to constantly watch them. Simply take them out of the water to shut them off. Each candle comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery.

We also have this candle in multicolor as well as several round sizes. Slightly submerse in a vase of water jelly pearls, throw them in a vase, a bowl or your pool!

The video is for this exact candle, only in white.
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LED Floating Rose Flickering Wax Candles, 2 3/4" Wide, IVORY - 2 Per Set
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