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Item #: 144355
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Item Specifics
3 inches
1 3/4 inches
Multi-Color||RGB Color Changing||Rainbow
Item Description
What a fun and stress-free way to add instant glam to your next party, wedding or event! Our new LED Color Changing Floating Wax Candles are classy, exciting and beyond easy to use. Here"s the directions: drop candle in water. that's it! These candles are made with real wax and there are 2 sensors on the bottom which activate the LED light when they hit water. You'll get a set of 2 round candles, each 3" in diameter and 1 3/4" tall. These wonderful candles rotate through a rainbow of colors ranging from red, green, purple, blue, yellow, light blue, lilac, white, pink and orange. The colors fade into each other, lasting about 4 seconds each. The automatic color changing and the soft flickering flame are mesmerizing! LED"s last a very long time and flameless candles are clean, safe and you don't have to constantly watch them. Simply take them out of the water to shut them off. Each candle comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery.

We also have this candle in white and in a smaller size as well as in the shape of a rose. Slightly submerse in a vase of water jelly pearls, throw them in a vase, a bowl or your pool!
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SALE ! LED Floating Flickering Wax Candles, 3" Wide, Color Changing - 2 Per Set
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