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Floral Centerpiece Riser Kit 34-60" Tall - 8 Flower Choices!

Item #: 999143
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Item Specifics
floor standing||tabletop
Flower Style 1 Fuchsia
White-Out Of Stock
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Item Description
Scroll down to see 3 large images of the flower choices.

Save when you purchase this Floral Centerpiece Kit as a bundle! You will get an adjustable White "Upsy Daisy" Centerpiece Riser and 3 of our super-premium Floral Garlands with your order. If you purchased these items individually, the total cost would be $93.99 to $99.99.

Depending on which of the Floral Styles you choose, you'll get between 22 and 24 Feet of Floral Garland with your kit, as we will send 3 Garlands.

We made this kit to make it super fast and easy to create a stunning Floral Garland Tabletop "Chandelier" Centerpiece.

Fuller on Top Picture on Right: We used all of the strands to hang around the frame of the White Upsy Daisy Stand. We cut the garlands in half and wire tied them to the top of the frame. We then used some of the leftover pieces to wrap the top of the frame to hide it. We also added some of our High Quality Acrylic Garland Strands to add some glitz, but those are optional and do not come with this kit. We only needed about 10 feet of Acrylic Garland to make an impact on this piece, and most of our Garlands come in bags that are 30 feet long each!

Cover the Base: Picture on Left: Simply use less strands up top and save about 1/2 of one garland to hide wrap the base!

The Upsy Daisy White Centerpiece Riser is a Staple for most of our Event Planners. It is affordable, attractive, and able to be reused in a bunch of different designs! We also offer it in a CHROME color.

Included in your Kit:

3 Pcs Floral Garlands 2 Flower Styles available in 4 different colors each. Select your color from the Swatch Charts and then use the drop-down menu that says "Choose Flower"

1 Pc of your choice:

- White Upsy Daisy Floral Riser (34-60" Tall)

- Chrome Riser (22-60" Tall) - add $20.00 for Chrome

Please use the drop-down menu that says Choose Riser to select which color riser you'd like.

The floral style used in the Main Image is Floral Style #1 Fuchsia on the White Upsy Daisy Riser.

The images below show these same Flower Styles made into large chandeliers. We can do this for you as well - but these are intended to show you what these flowers look like a little better than the color swatches.

Flower Style #2 in Orchid Pink (Shown hanging with our High Quality Acrylic Garlands.)

Flower Style #2 in Ivory (Shown hanging with our High Quality Acrylic Garlands.)

Flower Style #2 in Purple (Shown hanging with our High Quality Acrylic Garlands.)

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