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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Create Luxurious Floral Chandeliers with Silk Florals, Greenery, Crystal Strands & Unique Lighting
Create Luxurious Floral Chandeliers with Silk Florals, Greenery, Crystal Strands & Unique Lighting

Create Luxurious Floral Chandeliers with Silk Florals, Greenery, Crystal Strands & Unique Lighting

Statement Installations by Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie marries Florals, Beads, and Lighting in a Statement Chandelier and we are suckers for a good behind-the-scenes, how-designers-do-it shot. This photo of the install for a luxury white-on-white wedding reception with a to-die-for floral chandelier ticks a lot of our boxes: sumptuous florals, innovative design, things that sparkle, and general fabulousness. And while it seems kind of specific to have a “gorgeous genius on a ladder" box, we might, and it does check that one, too. You know, just in case you like a little hardworking eye candy with your fabulousness.

This finished installation is nothing short of a reception statement piece, combining layers of florals, beads, and greenery in unique floral chandelier that anchors this elegant modern reception space.

Want this look on a more modest budget? Floral chandeliers are a perfect application for our high end faux florals and greenery. Our faux florals and vines will serve you through years of events, bringing the cost per event SO far below single use blooms that you can"t afford not to consider them as an alternative to live flowers and greenery.

We stay on top of the trends in today"s luxury wedding and event market, so we bring you the blooms that you"ll see at top shelf weddings and events ~ realistic Faux Plumeria, Cream or Green Amaranthus, Ivy or Pepper Berry Vines and even Dangling Orchids that can stand up to scrutiny from several feet away, making them ideal for uses like this overhead floral chandelier.

Lighting Takes This Floral Chandelier to the Next Level

Leave it to Colin Cowie to level up an already gorgeous white-on-white reception once the sun goes down. Turn on the dramatic event lighting, and this drool worthy white floral chandelier becomes a jewel toned masterpiece. Totally changing the mood and the energy of the evening, creative lighting is truly the X factor that takes an event from memorable to once-in-a-lifetime. Our Crystal Bead Strands and white faux florals reflect professional event lighting perfectly ~ think of them as luxurious, sparkly chameleons that you can use at event after event, further increasing the return on your event Decor dollars.

Look no further than our extensive collection of tabletop Decor staples to create tables like these, too. We do recommend real florals for arrangements like this floral runner, which guests can see up close and can touch if they want to. Add votives and tall vases, and you have sparkle repeated on every tabletop in elegant, reusable design elements.
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