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Metal Chain Curtains & Floral Backdrops

Metal Chain Curtains & Floral Backdrops

This wedding photographed by Cavin Elizabeth Photography shows off one of the most versatile products that we carry: metal chain curtains. Easily customized to any length (or to a variety of lengths), with some chains removed for use elsewhere, the sky is the limit for this rooftop wedding featuring gorgeous florals, a textured arch of exposed wood, and lots of chain links. We love the repetition of elements in this wedding ~ it looks entirely pulled together but not at all overdone. The geometric chain links are echoed in the design of the cake and in the cake table.

If you're going to build a glass house, we kind of love this idea: Tiny artisan desserts encased in lovely (reusable) display cases like Terrariums. The combination of textured natural elements with smooth glass and metal makes these lilliputian desserts a part of the Decor as well as of the celebration.

Finally, we can't resist one more shot of the floral arch. A great example of how good design can transform a space, this rustic arch is softened by the sumptuous florals, made chic by the metal chains, and serves as the perfect focal point for a ceremony that has this magical cityscape as a backdrop. With the metal chains echoing the lines of the glass-and-steel buildings beyond and the florals adding color and softness, this tableau reinforces the romance of the event and the elegance of the location. (It's also a great example of how spending lavishly on a focal point is truly the best bang for your buck in any event planning scenario.)

If you want to get some metal chain curtains or strands of practically anything fabulous for your event planning arsenal, or if you want to chat about how you might incorporate them into your next wedding or party, give the *friendliest* customer service folks in the industry a call at 928-855-6075. We would love to help you get the best products for your event shipped wherever you need them, whenever you need them.
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