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Item #: 998008
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Item Description
Make sure to view the short video of the "Bliss" Butterfly Garland so that you can see how elegantly it moves as well as the beautiful shadow it will cast!

Radiant and graceful, our Trio of Hanging Butterfly Garlands are truly delightful and elegant! This item contains an assortment of 3 of our butterfly strands "Bliss" (main photo), "Wedding" (2nd photo) and "Heaven" (3rd photo). They are all still very beautiful, but they've seen a tiny bit of grief!

Most have just become detached from the monofilament strand, some may have had a pearl embellishment come off, some have tiny marks from the pattern outline and 3 are missing a wing (sad but true). Nonetheless, there are many uses for these pleasurable, delicate creatures. All have intricate details that look amazing at a distance and outstandingly amazing close-up! Some have pearls, some have lacy tulle and some have actual feathers on the wings. Save 50%. The original price of these butterflies is over $130.

You will receive:
  • 26 "Bliss" Butterfiles that are 6" wide by 5" long with a 2" long body featuring intricate glittery swirling designs.
  • 59 "Wedding" Butterflies that are 5" wide by 4" long with a 2" long body featuring shimmering glitter flake tipped wings with pearls.
  • 30 "Heaven" Butterflies that are 5" wide by 3 1/2" long with a 2" long body featuring lace and feather wings dusted with shimmering glitter flakes.

  • Use to enhance tabletop decor and centerpieces, use as a prop for photos, attach to a green landscape wall or Flower Wall Backdrop, make a mobile, glue on an alligator clip to decorate plants, trees, shoes, clothes and hats or add a special touch to wreaths, gift bags and boxes. Hang from Ceremony Arches for garden parties, celebrate spring parties, weddings and white parties. If you have a pool or large fountain, these butterflies lighting on Large Floating Foam Flowers makes an extraordinary display!

    The intricate design of the glitter flakes produce a high sparkle and shine that simply puts the icing on the cake of your event decorations and the slightest air movement creates a beautiful, fluttering display!
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