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Flower Bouquet Holders Floral Foam, Set of 6, Each 3" x 7"

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7 inches
3 inches
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Item Description
Floral Foam Flower Bouquet Holder Set of 6, Foam is 3" Wide by 3" Deep with Plastic Cage to Secure Artificial Flowers, Crystals and Ribbons, 7" Long with Sturdy Straight Handle

Secure and support wedding party and bridal bouquets with our Set of 6 Floral Foam Bouquet Holders. With a straight handle that's comfortable and sturdy, each holder is 7" long and the foam is 3" wide by 3" deep, surrounded by a rounded plastic cage to support and secure silk flowers, flowing greenery and leaves, beaded crystal strands, tulle and ribbons. The stem itself is 13/16" in diameter. Many DIY brides, florists and event planners love these holders since you can make your bouquets far ahead of the actual event.

Our straight handle is very comfortable and natural to hold while keeping your floral design level. These holders are so easy to use and it really is amazing how much can fit into the foam head. Use flowers with a rigid stem like our Silk Ivory Rose Spray which has 7 heads. Snip off each stem at the desired length and poke into the foam. A dab of hot glue on the end of the stem gives additional security. Add height with orchids and eucalyptus sprays or create a cascading effect with draping blooms like wisteria and Amaranthus.

Baby's Breath is an excellent filler as are the blooms of our flowering tree branches and snips of small leafy green sprays brings the bouquet all together. Our faux florals not only offer you top quality silk selections, but the array of colors and varying textures provide you with a large range of choices.

Other materials you can add are tulle, feathers and snips of curly glitter sprays. For materials that don't have a stiff stem, like our delicate and beautiful White Pearl Beaded Garland, simply secure them to the plastic cage surrounding the foam head.

At the base of the foam head, add greenery like pieces of a Silk Grape Leaf Vine to complete the look. These holders are also ideal for creating pew decorations and for decorating wedding arches.

There are countless styles of bouquets and you deserve to see your vision come true. Be inspired by your own creativity and you can't fail.
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Flower Bouquet Holders Floral Foam, Set of 6, Each 3" x 7"
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