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Floral Display Stands "Victory" White Set of 4 - See Video

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19 1/2 inches
71 1/2 inches
free standing||portable
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Item Description
Portable Flower and Greenery Wall Frame Stands, Set of 4 Double-Sided Large Metal Grid Frames, Freestanding Display Stands with Removable Legs for Mounting on Walls or Ceilings

Yes, we love the beauty of flower walls and the luscious feel of green walls with their ability to instantly transform the look of a single wall, rooms and just about any surface. But what if your venue doesn't have a wall? Well, bring your own with our "Victory" Set of 4 Freestanding Floral Display Stands! These portable stands (score!) are constructed from powder coated white metal and the grid framework makes quick and easy work of creating one-of-a-kind backdrops. The stands are very sturdy and the legs are removable so these frames can be attached or mounted to a wall at any angle or in any configuration you desire (score again!). All of the frames are 19 1/2" wide and the heights (with the legs on) are: 40", 49", 60" and 71 1/2". The grids are 1 1/2" squares and the legs are 1' long with the frame attaching in the middle. Can't decide between flowers and greenery or do you need one look for the ceremony and one for the reception? Since you can use both sides of the frames, cover one side with blissful flowers and the other with lush greenery (victory, indeed!)!

Having sturdy, portable, 2-sided backdrop frames is one of those wedding and event pieces that designers and decorators rely on, over and over. You have the vision and "Victory" helps your vision become reality! To create larger than life floral backdrops, start with Oversized Silk, Foam or Paper Flower Heads and fill in with leafy sprays, ivy or Baby's Breath Bouquets. For a daintier look, we have a huge selection of silk florals in an array of colors and styles. From dangling sprays and garlands to Flowering Tree Branches, the bendable stems easily fit into the grids of the frame. Curtain hooks are great for dangling crystal pendants and with a frame chocked full of flowers, they'll easily be concealed.

If you prefer using pre-made flower walls or green wall mats, you'll just need to do a bit of measuring to determine the amount of walls you'll need. Coverage will vary depending on the mats you choose and please remember that all of our flower and greenery mats can easily be cut to fit the frame. Here's an example using a 10 1/2" Square Boxwood Mat: the smallest frame would need 8 mats and the largest would need 14. Say you're using an average sized flower wall like this 19" x 25 1/2" Rose & Hydrangea Mat, the small frame would need 1 1/2 mats and the large frame would need 3 mats.

Using a boxwood background with flowers on top is an elegant and colorful combination and since all of our mats are attached to a plastic grid framework, simple poke the flower stem through the boxwood and attach to the back of the frame. Weave flower garlands, tulle, beaded crystal strands, string lights or butterfly garlands through the grids. For weddings and events, parties and celebrations, for hotel lobbies or for unique store displays, "Victory" will be yours with this set of 4, metal display stands! If you're not using the legs, please subtract 3/4" from the height stated above.
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Floral Display Stands "Victory" White Set of 4 - See Video
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