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How to Add Space for Seating, Sipping, and Sunning for less than $100

How to Add Space for Seating, Sipping, and Sunning for less than $100

As the warm air rolls in and those of us who enjoy four seasons start to reclaim our patios, decks, and sunrooms for the warmer months, we are checking out trends and inspirations for stylish, versatile outdoor furniture. Or, better yet, furniture that can make the transition from indoor to outdoor, day to evening, and seating to tables. They’re kind of the little black dress of home decor, really.

Meet a new generation of ceramic garden stools. A far cry from the couple of colors (and questionable quality) that used to be available, ceramic garden stools are now a versatile, affordable option that can be used as seating, as end or accent tables, and can even make a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor purposes depending on the season, number of guests, and aesthetic.

When we think of Garden Stools, we first think of something like the gorgeous outdoor dining and lounge areas (1st photo) ~ an easy way to add two low profile spots around a table, or a place to set a cocktail.

But we’re also seeing some super creative uses of these same stools, with amazing results. Like this trio of stools (2nd photo) with a glass top ~ an instant table with visual interest and a ton of flexibility.

Whether you stick with the cobalt blue and white stools or mix and match some fun colors (we kind of love purple and green together, but that’s just us), this is such a cool way to have a table + seating + accent pieces depending on the day, your mood, and who shows up. (Oh, and a stunning candelabra for an accent. Yes, please.)

We’re also seeing these stools all over the great indoors, and we love the creativity that designers and regular folks (ok, regular folks with a good eye for design) find for them. Again, they are great for adding low cost, high interest seating when you have an extra person or two. As in the 3rd photo, neutral colors and a high end pattern in this stool make for a subtle, pretty addition to this table. Add some Tiered Candles, and you’ve set a welcoming table for two or a crew.

In the 4th photo, Metallic Stools fit in perfectly with a modern design. And really, what doesn’t fit in with this view?

One the best outside-the-box uses we’re seeing for garden stools is actually as super functional accent pieces in bathrooms (last photo). They’re just the right size to hold a basket of rolled hand towels or a few blooms (in a pretty vase of course) and books.

They can even serve as chic shower seating, whether you just need a spot to shave and moisturize, or a little more accessibility without compromising style.

Whether you’re freshening up your deck, working in the garden, or finding ways to make small pieces work double duty indoors and outdoors, we love the inspiring ideas that we’re seeing with today’s gorgeous garden stools. These simple, inexpensive, flexible pieces of furniture are hard to beat for pure bang-for-your-buck genius.
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