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Geometric Floral Display "Nicola" Gold, Set of 3 Wire Frames

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14 inches
15 inches
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Item Description
Hanging or Tabletop Geometric Wire Floral Displayers, Set of 3 Decorative Metal Frames to Hold Flowers, Greenery, Lights or Candles

For quick, versatile and impressive event décor that easily goes from tabletop to hanging, from floor to centerpiece to ceiling decor, it's hard to beat our "Nicola" set of 3, gold geometric floral displayers! "Nicola" features 3 heavy duty metal frames, each with a pentagon shaped opening and elongated body, providing ample room to create upscale centerpieces or distinctive hanging floral extravaganzas. With the opening flat on the table, the large frame is 15" tall by 14" wide and weighs 1.1 lb., the medium frame is 11 1/2" tall by 8 1/2" wide and weighs 11 oz. and the small frame is 8" tall by 6 1/4" wide and weighs 8 oz. The unique geometric shape allows for these frames to be posed or hung in a number of positions, giving great freedom and flexibility for one-of-a-kind designs!

For floor or tabletop uses, these frames can simply be placed over flameless candles, turning them into an eye-catching display. For centerpieces, place on the frame opening or on their sides and fill with Silk Florals, greenery sprays or flower balls. Add dimension with fairy string lights, hide submersible lights under foliage or use firefly pearls to emulate a summer night serenade. Decorate with faux moss, add a colorful butterfly or 2 or opt for Succulents, whose unique textures pair perfectly with geometric shaped vessels.

Another outstanding use for these 3 exceptional frames is to create hanging floral decorations! It's a very trendy idea and also a great way to enhance the look of any room while creating lots of visual interest. "Nicola" does not come with hooks or hangers, but with so many angles on each frame, there are again, a multitude of ways in which they can be hung. Heavy twine or jute rope would complement these well. All of the framework makes it a cinch to attach the stems of cascading florals and simply filling with Greenery is enough to transform the look and feel of a room.

Another feature is that the small and medium frames completely fit inside the larger frame, saving storage and transportation space!
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Geometric Floral Display "Nicola" Gold, Set of 3 Wire Frames
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