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Item #: 125001
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Item Specifics
2 inches
29 inches
2 inches
Item Description
This glass garland strand has 9 hand-blown glass balls in a beautiful shade of champagne with a light iridescent coating. The balls appear to be suspended in thin air because the strand is a very thin, flexible wire that has a 3" loop on one end for hanging.

Since this is a handmade item, each strands measurement from the top ball to the bottom ball can vary in length from 27" to 31.5" which is perfect for a staggered effect. If you prefer all strands to be uniform, simply add some length to the existing loop or shorten it. The strand looks awesome hanging vertically but you could attach a loop to the other end to swag it or add length by attaching 2 or more strands together with Zebra wire. The diameter of the balls alternate in 3 sizes: 1.5", 2" and 2.5" and the iridescent coating gives a play of colors that add an interesting touch!
Customer Reviews
SALE ! Glass Garland Streamer Iridescent Ball - Champagne - 27"
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