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Vase - Glass Square - Metallic Silver Cube 4 3/4"

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Item Specifics
4 3/4 inches
4 3/4 inches
see through
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Item Description
Shinetastic! Plan your event decor around our new Metallic Silver Cube Vase and youíll be on your way to creating dazzling centerpieces that will catch everyones attention! As a vase, bright colorful flowers look outstanding against the shiny silver surface but this can also be used as a candle holder or if you flip it over, it becomes a riser! The metallic shine is almost mirror-like and the inside is shiny metallic, too. If you don't have much time to throw a centerpiece together then this versatile cube is the answer you've been looking for. This glass vase weighs 2.6 lbs. and the sturdy sides flare slightly from 1/8" thick at the ends to 3/16" thick in the middle.

Now whatís really amazing about this piece is that you can see through it so if youíre using it as a candle holder, your light source can be seen not only from any angle but even from across the room! The transparency is so great that with several small LED lights you can actually see a photo through the vase! Itís quite a unique effect thatís only limited by your creativity!

There is a minimum order of 2 holders.

Shiny metallic sprays pop even more against this vase or you could place glittery butterflies in the vase with LED submersibles. The corner to corner diagonal measurement is 6Ē. You can float foam roses, an LED flameless candle or create your own design. Our submersible LED lights, water pearls, crystal container fill and pomander kissing balls come in clear or white to a wide range of colors so whatever your event colors are, whether itís for a wedding, anniversary, holiday party or romantic evening, this candle holder / vase will showcase your ingenious ideas!
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Vase - Glass Square - Metallic Silver Cube 4 3/4"
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