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Birch Tree Branches, Heavy Glitter Metallic Silver or Gold - 2Pcs - 5' Tall

Item #: 136428772
Item Specifics
3 inches
58-70 inches
extra tall||metallic
Silver-Out of Stock
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Item Description
Extra Tall Glittery Birch Branches 2 Stems, Each 5Ft Tall | Silver or Gold Floral Sprays For Centerpieces, Wall & Floor Decor

Statuesque and full of sparkling stems, our 5' tall birch branches are incredibly beautiful and will turn average floral arrangements into outstanding show pieces! Choose silver or gold glitter and you will get 2 branches, each approx. 5' tall by 3" wide. These are natural branches so expect minor variations in height and width. Some branches are 58" tall (just under 5') and some are 70" tall (just under 6'). Birch is considered a quality hard wood and these branches are very sturdy. There is one long main stem on each branch with lateral branches to help fill in your stunning display.

These sprays add incredible height and sparkly dazzle to any live or artificial floral arrangement but they also look wonderful lying on a table as centerpiece décor or hanging above a door frame or bed. Simply standing in a corner by themselves adds instant glam! Ideal for tall vases like our Prestige Crystal Beaded Trumpet Vases, these picks add a grandiose dimension when combined with dangling florals.

For an elegant table centerpiece, gently twist some Tulle down the center of the table, add fairy string lights and lay the branches on top. Gorgeous! Silver and gold are especially popular during the holidays so add a pop of color and texture with some Acrylic Beaded Red Garlands, curly green glitter sprays or go with classy black sprays for a more refined look. Tie up several branches with a festive ribbon to fill in corners of a room.

Awesome alone or used to enhance floral centerpieces and accenting corners and walls, you'll absolutely love how these birch branch sprays bring life to any decor!
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Birch Tree Branches, Heavy Glitter Metallic Silver or Gold - 2Pcs - 5' Tall
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