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Glow Dark

Create an atmosphere of mystery, romance or whimsy with our fabulous Glow in the Dark beaded curtains at ShopWildThings. Shop beaded curtains with acrylic bubbles, glowing dolphins, beads shaped like stars and moons or raindrop-shaped beads curtain panels. The acrylic curtain beads will glow in a darkened room after having first being exposed to light from a light bulb or the sun for a period of time. You can also achieve that glow-in-the-dark effect by placing a black-light bulb in the room. It's a marvelous way to create a party backdrop or use in place of a door or room divider. Add the perception of more height in a bedroom by mounting the curtain on a wall behind a bed.Because these beaded strands arrive already mounted on the rod, it takes just two nails and two minutes to place or hang your curtain. Click on our how-to videos on each product page to see how easy it is to transform a room or wall with our beaded curtains.

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