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Gold & Real Crystal 27" Candelabra & Floral Riser "Lourdes"

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22 inches
27 inches
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Item Description
Gold Candelabra featuring REAL Crystals (not plastic beads!)...and perfect finished metal. You'll be proud to show these off on your tabletop at eye level with your guests. Add florals or candles or both!

Who doesn't love centerpiece Decor that can perform double duty and our new Gold and Crystal Beaded Candelabra "Lourdes" is up to the task! Lourdes weighs 9 lbs., is 27" tall by 22" wide and there are 5 arms, each with a 4 1/2" diameter plate. The plate atop the center stem is 3 1/2" in diameter and the crystals, oh the crystals! There are 5 bead strands, each 9" long that string from arm to arm on the upper hook and there are also 5 bead strands, each 13" long that string from arm to arm on the lower hook. Then to hang down from each hook are 10 strands, each 5 1/2" long, including a 2 1/2" long faceted pendant that's absolutely fabulous! You can use as much or as little of these sparkling embellishments as you wish.

Lourdes is not only a stunning candelabra but it could also function as a classy floral holder! The sizeable candle plates on the arms can accommodate large flameless LED pillar candles, as can the plate on top, but if you'd prefer a floral display for your wedding or event, the flared out design on the top plate is ideal to hold Silk or Foam Pomander Kissing Balls or even a shallow vase about 5" in diameter.

Combine materials by using beaded candle rings or even greenery like dangling vines and top with romantic candlelight (LED flameless). Magnificent! The finish on the decorative stem and arms is high-quality and this shiny gold candelabra harmonizes well with so many of our gold vases and candle holders.
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Gold & Real Crystal 27" Candelabra & Floral Riser "Lourdes"
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