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Floral Builder Set "Fern" Gold Circles - Floor & Centerpiece Risers 22" & 30"

Item #: 177810
Item Specifics
29 inches
30 inches
floor standing, tabletop
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Item Description
Golden Floor & Tabletop Centerpiece Stands "Fern" Floral Builder Set, 22"H x 21"W and 30"H x 29"W Framework, Each with 2 Circular Frames

Impressive floor and centerpiece decor that has a unique flair, yet is easy to adapt to any theme is reflected in our Floral Centerpiece Builder Set "Fern". This set of metal structures feature 2 stands, each with 2 golden circular frames that are mounted on a raised gold base. The frames are actually 1 continuous piece that spirals to form the 2 circles. The circles on the small stand measure 14"H x 14"W and 22"H x 21"W while the circles on the larger stand measure 21"H x 21"H and 30" by 29"W.

The circular frames are 3/8" thick and this is a super sturdy set. Circles are a universal symbol representing totality, wholeness, eternity and an ongoing energy so it's only natural that these golden rings begin the basic framework for creating memorable tabletop or floor accent pieces. Be subtle or make a major statement; either way, it's easy to wrap the frames with silk flower garlands or faux leafy green vines. Hanging glass candle holders, beaded crystal strands, butterflies and tulle are other materials that can be incorporated into your design. Many of our flower garlands are completely flexible or have bendable wire, making them a cinch to attach to the frames.

For tabletop or floor decor, "Fern" is the type of framework that makes it easy to achieve distinctive looks for every event and every season!
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Floral Builder Set "Fern" Gold Circles - Floor & Centerpiece Risers 22" & 30"
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