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Metallic Neutral Gold for Chic Summer Weddings

Metallic Neutral Gold for Chic Summer Weddings

We are in love with the trend of metallic neutrals, and we're seeing it done in so many super chic ways for summer. Check out gold as the go to neutral ~ it adds sparkle, warmth, and flattering light to indoor and outdoor weddings alike.

An upscale outdoor wedding makes the most of the natural canopy's lush greens with gold as a glittering neutral color. String lights, Chandeliers, votives, and chalkboards are high impact accents that make the most of any wedding budget. Simple florals keep the bottom line in check while picking up the overhead greenery perfectly.

Rustic/industrial venues are one of the most enduring trends we've seen in years, and this venue's exposed wood and brick bring the best of both worlds to the reception. You'll be hard pressed to get more visual impact in a large, tall room than you do with paper lanterns and string lights. They add romantic, diffused light and visual interest, are reusable, and are an all around budget friendly way to fill large spaces beautifully. Gold Tablecloths serve as a pretty neutral color source in the room, and simple centerpieces (think mostly candles and votives, maybe on mirrors for extra sparkle) pair well with the dramatic Decor overhead.

Rustic metal neutral bling... Lighted metallic signs are an affordable way to get all of those adjectives with a touch of warm gold light to boot. L-O-V-E is the best backdrop for wedding photographs, don't you think?

Gorgeous outdoor scenery, trees full of string lights, gold candlesticks and votives, and lace runners... This scene shows how a lovely venue and well chosen Decor can work together in oh-so-budget-friendly ways. The gold chiavari chairs, which most venues stock, add a bit more gold that warms the scene perfectly.

Vineyards provide some of the most stunning natural scenery we've seen, and the same golden sun and dry, temperate weather that grapes love is perfect for outdoor weddings. This simple sweetheart table features a gold glitter tablecloth, Gold Candle Holders, and white florals for a lovely backdrop to the most important moments of the day. Natural elements like moss and wood pair perfectly with a few shine-intensive pieces, like diamond wrap or candlesticks in a luxe-meets-farm venue like this one.

As you plan your summer nuptials, we think that the gold-as-neutral trend is worthy of serious look. For brides and event designers alike, gold offers flattering warm light and flexibility for different venues. This trend has staying power, making reusable pieces all the more valuable, and it is on point for today's most stylish events. Check out every single thing we stock in gold here, and get your creative juices flowing.

Whether you need help finding just the right pieces to complete your look or top-to-bottom customer service with product, size, and quantity recommendations, give us a call at 928-855-6075. We are ready to help you solve all the logistical problems that your next event presents, with helping tools, professional advice, and fast shipping.
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