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Devil's Ivy Silk Garland - Green Pothos - 78'

Item #: 166063
Item Specifics
6 inches
7 feet
hang||flexible vine
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Item Description
7' Long Leafy Silk Ivy Garland, Flexible Pothos Greenery Adds Fullness and Lively Color to Centerpiece Decor, Draping Floral Chandeliers, Easy to Wrap Around Columns, Ceremony Arches and Gazebos

Decorating with luscious green foliage is now easier than ever with this amazing Silk Green Devil's Ivy Pothos Garland Vine that's 7' long and an absolute dream to work with! The leaves are huge at 3 1/2" tall by 2 1/4" wide and the width of this vine is approx. 6". The ivy leaves extend out on all sides of the vine so it can be displayed at any angle. There is a hanging loop on one end of the vine while the other end has a deep curl so you can hang this over a rod or pole and attach the vine to itself without needing a hook or other fastener. Effortless decorating!

Minimum order of 3 garlands.

The leaves are not only variegated but are a combination of lively spring green and hunter green. White or colorful silk flowers become more vibrant when combined with hanging greenery and this garland makes Overhead Floral Chandeliers and hanging arrangements even more impressive. Adorn Garden Arches, wrap around columns or aisle markers and attach to Grapevine Wreaths. Incorporate into floral centerpiece arrangements or simply string it down the center of a table for a garden party theme!

Let the tranquility of greenery and the flexibility of this garland breathe new life into all your floral visions!

Please take care when unfurling this vine. Find an end and carefully unravel the vine, as it's wrapped around itself.
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Devil's Ivy Silk Garland - Green Pothos - 78'
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