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Hanging Frame "Curvy" White - 13Ft Long Ceiling Decor

Item #: 177305
Item Specifics
11 1/2 inches
13 feet
connects end-to-end
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Item Description
Curvy Ceiling Décor Frame or Room Divider, 13' Long White Hanging Frame for Fabric Top Curtains and Sheers, Terrariums and Candle Holders, Flower Garlands, Paper Lanterns, Crystal Strands or Butterfly Garlands

Your tablescape is breathtaking. Your floor décor is aces. Yet, your venue still looks incomplete. Aha! It's that big, empty, not so attractive expanse overhead that's throwing off the entire look! Time to conquer the ceiling and it couldn't be easier than with our Hanging White Frame "Curvy"! This framework is made with 3/4" in diameter metal tubing and you will receive 2 male and 2 female frames. The total length is 13' by 11 1/2" deep, and if you need coverage for a longer decoration, additional sets will end-to-end connect to Curvy. Rather than using in 1 long serpentine shape with 4 curves, you can also use this as 2, double-curves (each 78" long) or as 2 arcs, each measuring 62" wide by 25" deep.

There is a minimum order of 2 sets of Curvy, or a 13' frame.

This lightweight metal tubing can transform a room and take your venue from so-so to sophisticated and consecutive rows of "Curvy" is beyond impressive and spectacular! Long String Curtains are silky smooth, classy and come in a wide variety of colors and lengths. Sheers look yummy too, and any rod pocket curtain works beautifully with the arcing design contributing just the right amount of flair! Some venues have outlets on the ceiling, perfect for hanging an LED Organza Curtain Panel, complete with hundreds of lights. Or, acrylic beaded curtains like Costa Beige add an upscale look while providing a more open feel. The nice thing about fabric top curtains is that you can scrunch them up or spread them out to suit your taste. Mix it up by hanging varying colors or styles next to each other.

Change up the look for themed parties and holidays like hanging huge ornaments and snowflakes for a winter-fest, or butterflies and flowers for a spring fling. Many of our Silk Flower Garlands have bendable wire so you can wrap them around "Curvy" and let them dangle down. Other trendy looks include hanging terrariums and glass candle holders, garden spheres and butterfly garlands, colorful paper lanterns, sparkling crystal strands, Pomander Kissing Balls or tulle pom-poms and these can all be hung using common curtain hooks and some ribbon or twine.

Curvy is truly ready for any event or theme you have in mind! Use pipe hangers or support brackets to hang from the ceiling.
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Hanging Frame "Curvy" White - 13Ft Long Ceiling Decor
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