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Hanging (or Table Top) Round Silver Glass Candle Holder 3.75" Diameter - Set of 6

Item #: 270081
Item Specifics
Under 12 inches
3 3/4 inches
hanging & tabletop
Item Description
Set of 6 Hanging or Tabletop Silver Glass Candle Holders or Terrariums, 3 3/4" Round Decorative Orbs, 100mm Glass Globes

With a highly reflective interior and exterior, our Round Silver Glass Candle Holders add a cheerful festive touch whether they're hanging from the ceiling, sitting on tables or dangling from centerpiece trees! You will receive a set of 6 and each ball is 3 3/4" in diameter and has a hanging loop and a vent hole to let heat escape. The opening is 2 1/4" wide and the exterior is shiny silver while the interior is a shiny, super soft gold. The mirror-like interior requires minimal light or color to make a tremendous impact!

No matter what time of year or what color your theme is, these decorative balls can be used for many creative purposes. Fill with a battery operated fairy string light, flameless candles or colorful diamond confetti. These holders have a flat bottom so they're ideal as table centerpieces. For fall and winter weddings or celebrations, place on evergreen branches or Beefy Pine Bud Sprays and fill with artificial snow and red and green submersible LED lights. For summertime events, spread vines like a Grassy Spray, ivy or leafy willows down the center of a table and fill with a flameless candle or ice blue diamond confetti. Or, add a bit of water and float foam roses.

Hanging glass balls make an awesome addition to any room and it's so easy to do! Use acrylic bead strands, ribbon or monofilament line and fill with lights, candles, rose petals, a bit of greenery, marbles, colored sand or whatever material your creative brain finds interesting! We also have this hanging orb in a smaller size and using the 2 together, whether in a tablescape or hanging, creates a stunning display and these are beautiful decorations for Christmas trees!

Note: These items are not suitable for International Shipping. We pack so carefully but damages are sometimes unavoidable during transit. Additionally, if damages on glass items do occur, we reserve the right to replace or refund your transaction based on our shipping cost analysis for your order.

And please be mindful that burning real wax candles in a glass holder can get pretty hot. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Use of candles and candle holders is at your own risk.
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Hanging or Table Top Round Silver Glass Candle Holder 3.75" Diameter - Set of 6
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