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COMING SOON! Hanging Metal Sphere - Flickering LED Candle w/Timer 13 1/2" - Orb Folds Flat! Add Florals!

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13 1/2 inches
Item Description
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Rustic vintage charm meets romantic candlelight glow in this contemporary Hanging Metal Sphere with Candle! This 3-diminsional decorative hanging orb with a large flickering flameless candle is chic enough to be called art but aptly functional for everyday use and one of the best features is that is has a timer! The sphere is matte brown with bronze mottling - sure to go with any color scheme. Perfect for the bedroom, living room, foyer and a soothing hot bath with soft candlelight is always in style!

The Metal Frame is 13 1/2" in diameter and consists of 5 metal bands that are 3/4" wide and the bands are attached with 4 swivels, allowing them to revolve into various positions independent of the other rings. The concentric circles swivel inside each other so ‘folded up" it's about 5" wide. Great for transportation, storage and shipping!

The flameless LED candle is 5 3/4" tall by 4 1/2" wide and is powered by 3 "C" batteries (not included). The candle is screwed into a ring and will have to be removed to install the batteries. Just like a real candle, the top of this candle has that melted look with all the benefits a real candle doesn't have. This is safe, it's clean and LED"s stay cool and last a long time. Include some color and greenery like florals or Succulents which really complement this look.

We filmed a short video of an item similar to this one. You'll see how it folds flat! This item works just the same way, but it can't fold "quite" as flat because of the candle inside.

You can manually switch the candle on and off as you wish or use the 24-hour timer feature. Say you want it on at 6pm every night. Just toggle to the TIMER at 6pm and the candle will stay lit for 5 hours then turn off. Then the next night, it will automatically turn on again at 6pm! 5 hours on, 19 hours off. Sweet!

The hanging jute rope is quite substantial and it is 13 1/2" long so the total length of this wrought iron candle orb is 27". To use as a centerpiece, the sphere can sit on a flat surface but would need held in place by a support under the candle. This also looks awesome hanging on a patio or in a gazebo but it is not waterproof so take care in protecting from damp conditions. Unscrew the candle from its base to insert the batteries and turn off when not in use to save battery life.
Customer Reviews
COMING SOON! Hanging Metal Sphere - Flickering LED Candle w/Timer 13 1/2" - Orb Folds Flat! Add Florals!
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