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Summer Party Pop|Make Color the Life of Your College Kick-off Party

Summer Party Pop|Make Color the Life of Your College Kick-off Party

As your high school senior makes the transition to college freshman and maybe leaves the nest for new campus digs, youíve got a going away party to plan. Whether your theme is an elegant garden soiree or a casual backyard bar-b-que, we have some easy, cost-effective ideas to wow your guests without busting your budget.

COLOR is key to dressing up your space (not to mention narrowing down your choices of everything from cakes to invitations). In fact, color is so critical to the party planners we work with that our entire site can be Sorted By Color.

For maximum impact, we suggest choosing two or three key shades and building your event around those. Great bets include your gradís favorite colors, her alma materís school colors (good for one last trip down memory lane), or his new college teamís colors. Whether you go for a bold look with lots of contrast or a refined set of neutrals, color is a high-impact, budget-stretching element for a stylish summer party.

Once you have your color palette, we love layered looks for a big effect without a big budget. Paper Lanterns are a great way to transform large areas of your space with a custom color and look that set the stage for a personalized celebration.

As in the 2nd photo, for extra pop, add LED lights to balloons or paper lanterns.

Make a bold statement in your signature event colors with our Floral Fabric Sheeting for tables, walls, floats or any surface that needs a pop of flair and color (3rd photo). We love this stuff because it's so easy to work with! Cut it to make unique textured tablecloths, staple a message to your newly minted college student and hang it to make a personalized backdrop for candid photos, or swag it to give the cake table dimension and interest.

Once youíve set the stage for a great party with these big color elements, we like to add layers for a finished look. Centerpiece Kits are an opportunity to pull in your secondary colors and to add polish to your decor without breaking the bank. Check back for our post on cost-effective centerpieces for some ideas about how to make your tabletops the talk of your party.
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