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Geometric Hanging or Tabletop Terrarium & Candle Holder - Gold - 7 1/2" Tall - Kite

Item #: 143107
Item Specifics
6 1/2 inches
7 1/2 inches
Item Description
4-Sided Glass Terrarium and Candle Holder for Tabletop Centerpieces or Hanging Wedding and Event Décor, Geometric Design

Reusable wedding and event decorations just make good sense and when you can easily change out the looks of that décor like with our Geometric Hanging or Tabletop Terrarium and Candle Holder, that also makes good dollars and cents! This glass terrarium with gold trim is 7 1/2" tall (including the hanger) by 6 1/2" wide with a generous opening of 5" by 4" so you can easily add your favorite plants, succulents, beads and vase fill, candles, string lights, rose petals, tulle or whatever it is that will highlight your theme.

Rather than a solid vase, the airy look of terrariums make them a popular vessel for showcasing succulents, florals, candles and string lights. Another plus is that you can see the contents from all sides (even the bottom) making it an ideal centerpiece or hanging focal point. Trying to come up with unique centerpieces and new ideas for decorations can be challenging but this terrarium offers a novel twist to home and event decor as well as being a trendy centerpiece for weddings and events! Hanging or sitting on tables, the versatility of this glass terrarium makes it one handy, designer accent piece!

This holder does not come with a hanging chain but jute twine, lantern chains and rustic hooks and hangers will do the job. The shape of the sides resembles a kite and the multitude of angled sides is not only attractive and intriguing but it allows you to flip the terrarium on any side you want so there are many display options!

Use as a vase to hold natural materials like sand, pearls, shells and greenery like moss, ivy and succulents. Foam Roses and Colorful Rose Petals look awesome and there's no mess or fuss! Use as a hanging candle holder with Flameless LED Tea Lights, Votive Candles or Warm White Fairy String Lights. Lights and a touch of greenery look exceptionally chic in terrariums and it's a quick and easy combination that really looks awesome! Use U GLU Adhesive Dots to help keep materials in place.

Plants are calming and comforting, lights are warming and welcoming. Combine both inside this geometric terrarium for an innovative, inviting and appealing display!
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Geometric Hanging or Tabletop Terrarium & Candle Holder - Gold - 7 1/2" Tall - Kite
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