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Large Space Solutions|Event Decor with Camo Capabilities

Large Space Solutions|Event Decor with Camo Capabilities

There are few things that are as magical to us as seeing large event venues transformed into party ready spaces. We know that one of the biggest challenges that designers face is finding cost-effective, high impact pieces that focus attention where it belongs ~ on your centerpieces, food, lounge decor, and other top shelf decor ideas ~ and away from the support poles, electrical infrastructure, and other necessary but not necessarily pretty components that make large event spaces functional.

Because really, your mom was right ~ whether we’re talking about some bling to accentuate the décolletage (and we won’t speculate on what we… or rather you… might be drawing attention from), or we’re talking about countering exposed wooden framing with paper lanterns, everything has potential if you dress it right.

So we wanted to talk about a trio of cost effective solutions for big spaces ~ these are some of our go to options for highlighting the pretty and hiding the not-so-pretty in plain sight. Because we never want a plain site. Get it? Plain site, like kind of blah venue? LOL, right?


Crystal Columns are one of our absolute favorites for adding drama while subtracting (visually) unsightly poles and other distractions. In the main photo, we love this example of support poles that we don’t even notice, as they’re hidden behind a shimmering wall of beads. And what, really, is better than a shimmering wall of beads while the uplighting adds additional drama that will go brilliantly from day to night.

Behind door number two, we have Paper Lanterns. It’s no secret that they are one of our favorite weapons for making major overhead space an asset in a budget-friendly way. One of the best ideas that we’ve ever seen is this airy display of light and color. Tents are another notoriously expensive space to fill simply because they are *so* large and *so* white. Paper lanterns are a great solution here as well, where they add color and a whimsical touch that defines the space while keeping the open feeling of the tent.

As in the 3rd photo, add LED Lights to take paper lanterns from day to night, where they make this tent magical without busting the bottom line. (We also love the monochromatic color scheme and the varying sizes of lanterns to achieve a high end look on a budget.)

Finally, when your walls are the problem ~ or when you need the look of a wall without the time or budget to build one, ~ Floral Fabric Sheeting is a high impact, low cost solution that can be hung almost anywhere using double-sided tape. The retail display in the 4th photo shows perfectly how far a little floral fabric sheeting goes to accent what you want your guests ~ or your customers ~ to pay attention to.

And in the final photo, this cascade of the lightweight floral fabric provides a dramatic accent of a cascading waterfall ~ without requiring special (read: costly) supports.

So, whether your design problem is one of coverage what’s wrong or focusing attention on what’s right ~ and really, isn’t it always a little of both? ~ we think that this trio of design solutions offer high impact fixes that are spectacular *and* cost-effective.
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