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Prom Decor for 2018

Prom Decor for 2018

Make an Entrance: Chandeliers and Faux Florals Star in this Country Chic Prom Entryway
This rustic chic prom entrance showcases barn wood, wagon wheels, soft curtains, faux florals and a showstopper of a Crystal Chandelier. The mix is perfect for a modern prom that is a little bit elegance and a little bit country, and juniors and seniors will love attending an event that mixes the hottest trends in events starting the moment that they step into the venue.

Keeping prom within budget while creating a night to remember is easy when so many of the key elements are reusable. This chandelier can easily move from an entrance this year to a photo booth, dance floor or head table next year, without missing a beat. Likewise, Faux Florals set well above inspection range are a great alternative to expensive live florals, and they will look great in other areas at sports banquets, graduation receptions, and other functions that the senior class enjoys.

In the 2nd photo, Manzanita trees are another piece with tons of visual impact and years of service to offer. This tall gold option has plenty of room for glass globes suspended on Crystal Strands and red rose petals. The Manzanita tree even comes in a pot, so setup is easy and fast ~ just add a gold sequined topper and some theme pieces at the base, and your entrance is ready to greet guests. Best of all, these items are flexible enough to work with a ton of different event themes and are built to last through years" worth of use.

Centerpieces from Over the Top to Splashy on a Budget
If you have the budget to invest substantially in Decor that will be used for years and years (and years), we adore this high flying take on glittering centerpieces (3rd photo). They are easy to install, look fabulous (obvi), and provide plenty of visual impact all on their own. Next year, use them in a row as a room divider, line your prom entrance with them, swag one side to create display "cases" for themed piecesÉ Truly your imagination is the limit with large scale Decor like square columns.

If you need to contain costs but want your dollars to do double duty at future events, we love simple centerpieces in classic neutral, crystal and metallic finishes, like in the 4th photo.

This winning combination of cylinder vases, diamond bling wrap accents, fairy strands, and centerpiece mirrors is sure to make the event special and it's inexpensive enough to repeat on every table. Everything, including the Floating Candle is reusable, too, so the pieces can be reconfigured in future years for totally different looks and even more budget friendliness.

In the last photo, exposed infrastructure can be a Decorating asset and swagging Jewel Tone Fabrics from the heat and air pipes is a perfect example of how to take advantage of that asset. Repeating the colors on the tables, and including a large Metallic Vase, this prom design wizard assembled a pulled together look with modest ingredients. Add a Floral Pom in place of live blooms, and you've kept your budget in bounds without sacrificing on effect at all.

We are passionate about great design and fanatics about great value, and prom is one of those places where budget and creativity must come together to make the most of every penny. Core reusable Decor pieces that combine durability, flexibility, and visual impact are key to event success, and prom is no exception.

We have the absolute nicest customer service folks in the industry, and we would love to help you make your prom dream a reality by guiding you toward the pieces that will provide you with the best return on your investment for years to come. Whether this is the first prom you've planned, or the twenty-first, we'd love to help you get inspired and then implement your vision with Decor pieces that bring the bling and the value to your next event, shipped fast and ready to work for your event.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you turn your prom committee"s dreams into reality while you impress your principal and parents with your budget savvy and value maximizing approach to planning the marquee school social event this year.
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