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Over The Top Wedding & Event Ceiling Installations For Top Shelf Events

Over The Top Wedding & Event Ceiling Installations For Top Shelf Events

Romantic Fantasy Wedding Reception Anchored With Layers of Crystal Columns, Swirl Chandeliers, Metal Chandeliers and Faux Florals
Even though we spend a lot of time looking at professional event designers’ best work, we rarely see designs that match this one for sheer layers of fabulousness, or for transformative visual impact. If your budget allows you to cover the ceiling of your venue in suspended layers of crystal columns, swirl chandeliers, Metal Chandeliers, lighting, and faux florals, we would looooooove to be your go to source for show stopping luxury and a reception that will set a new standard for elegance in your social circle.

Whether your venue features exposed ductwork or other features that you’d like to camouflage, or you’re just ready to fire both barrels of design firepower, this look in the 2nd photo, featuring monochromatic ivory elegance and tons of faux florals is simply unforgettable. And it is perfect for hiding some venue warts, if a little cosmetic camouflage is needed.

Of course, live blooms are completely wonderful (and a necessity on those table arrangements), but faux florals are an excellent choice for floral chandeliers because at viewing distance, they’re virtually identical. Well, identical except that faux florals are easier to set up, do not wilt or shed pollen in the heat, and will work hard at event after event, season after season. Add ribbons and Crystal Bead Strands or Ornaments and you have a tiered design that incorporates texture, sparkle, and blooms in an integrated whole that your guests will love.

Layers of Light Suspended from the Ceiling Bring Warmth and Twinkling Fabulousness to Your Winter Wedding or Gala
In the 3rd photo, we’ve never seen the effect of a soft winter snowfall captured so creatively as in this perfect wintertime wedding reception. A cascade of light curtains suspended from the ceiling works perfectly with Modern Candelabras to create the look and feel of an elegant winter wonderland. Choose LED light curtains to get the look without the heat of traditional bulbs, and know that our top quality strands will perform at their peak for event after event.

In the last photo, combining light curtains with Edison light chandeliers offers so many rich options for sparkling design. We love this combination, where light curtains are used to cover the walls (and any unsightly features), while Edison light chandeliers bathe the room in a warm glow. Add minimalist table décor, and you’ve created an experience that will transport your guests into your vision for your special event.

If you’re looking for cutting edge professional event décor products at competitive prices, or if you are replacing staple elements in your warehouse and need large quantities shipped fast, we are the number one source for the world’s best event design professionals. (And we heart DIY folks with a vision, too.)

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and experience what top notch customer service from truly nice folks is like. Our entire business is based out of a newly renovated warehouse in Arizona, and we pride ourselves on sourcing the best products ~ both the tried and true items and the on trend must have pieces ~ and on keeping them in stock so that our customer service folks can help you get your order shipped in a timely way. No paying for your pieces and then waiting for foreign manufacturing and shipping, only to have your order abruptly canceled when a container ship fails to deliver on time.

And even more importantly, we employ the nicest customer service representatives that you’ll ever do business with. Wondering if we’re overstating? Call us and let us prove that we’re the real deal in the wedding and event decor industry, from products to service, and on every metric in between.
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