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Hot Trends for Today's Homes, Moroccan Style

Hot Trends for Today's Homes, Moroccan Style

With everyone from the Sex and The City movie cast to the Real Housewives of New York City finding inspiration and relaxation in the downtown souks of Marrakech, its no surprise that one of our favorite new design trends incorporates the rich patterns and colors of Morocco.

If youd like to bring a little of this Moroccan flavor into your home, one easy way to start is with the colors and patterns found in Moroccan tiles. These gorgeous pieces are a great launching point for your creativity, whether you are redoing a room completely or want to freshen a space with new accent pieces. Using a tile as your inspiration, pull your favorite shades and build a new space around them.

The main photo shows just one example of traditional Moroccan tile ~ the patterns are exquisite, and they run the gamut from muted to bold colors. You can even mount and frame an individual tile or a small grouping of them as wall art.

To get this luxury hotel look in your own home without breaking the bank (2nd photo), the accent pieces are key. You can combine sheer curtain fabric swagged from the ceiling or hung as a Canopy over the bed and a hanging Moroccan lantern to create an exotic oasis in your own master bedroom. Add smaller Lanterns on nightstands and tabletops to pick up the theme throughout the room. Fabric hung over a curtain rod could stand in for this fabulous headboard for a high impact touch of Moroccan design.

As in the 3rd photo, if youre a little shy about painting your walls a vibrant orange or deep blue, you can hang String Curtains or Luxurious Fabrics for a powerful splash of color without the commitment of primer and paint. Check out the placement of tabletop lanterns to achieve this stylish look.

For outdoor areas, the neutral color scheme in the 4th photo, and the focus on natural materials set the tone for a retreat that is perfect for relaxing. We love the woven chandelier and row of lanterns. Add bold colors with comfy pillows and a striking tablecloth, and you can freshen up the look of the outdoor furniture that you already own. Add a Wood Bead Curtain to a wall for added texture.

Whether you are going for a total transformation, complete with deep hued walls and imported fabrics straight from the marketplaces of Fez, or for a new look using many of your existing pieces, we think that Moroccan style fits well in many homes and budgets, and wed love to see how you made it your own.
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