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Real Feel 20" X-Large White Foam Rose - Make Flower Walls!

Item #: 750187
Item Specifics
26 1/2 inches
20 inches
bendable stem||moveable petals
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Item Description
Spacious venues require large yet attractive decorations that are appealing and will catch everyone's attention and this Giant White Foam Rose is one luscious piece of eye candy that won't disappoint! This incredible flower is a full 20" in diameter by approx. 7 1/2" tall with a 19" long stem that's 1/2" wide. All of the petals are moveable so you can position them as you wish (bunch them up or spread them out) and they will stay put! Supporting each petal are flexible wire stays so this bloom will hold its shape forever (or until you move it)!

The generous stem is bendable making this awesome blossom easy to hang and use in overhead displays or to add into landscape and flower walls. Our high quality, real feel foam is soft and wonderful to work with while adding depth, dimension and height! A Clear, Tall Glass Vase with this impressive flower is all that's needed to make quite a statement. Add to Green Landscape Walls or colorful flower walls to create outstanding wedding and event backdrops! Add lighting behind the flowers to really enhance your flower wall and add even more dimension and visual appeal. Some lightweight lighting options include: Dazzled with Pull Tab & Hanging String, Clip-on Fiber Optic Lights or Twinkling Rainbow Fairy Lights.

Float this beauty in fountains and pools, use as a prop for pictures or add adhesive pearls or Rhinestone Stickers to add a little glitz and emulate dew drops! The stem is covered in foam so you don't need to hide it. Bend it and hang or wrap around wedding arches and since each rose only weighs 7 oz., hanging from floral chandeliers with crystal garlands or using as overhead Decor is not a problem. This would also make a pretty incredible cake topper! Visually stunning and extravagant, our oversized White Foam Rose is as gorgeous as it is captivating!
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Real Feel 20" X-Large White Foam Rose - Make Flower Walls!
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