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Flower Wall Kit - 8' X 8' Portable Backdrop Kit - Premium Cream Hydrangeas

Item #: 999199
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8 feet
8 feet
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Item Description
Artificial Hydrangea Floral Wall Backdrop 8' x 8' Kit

If you're tired of trying to figure out how many panels you need to construct a floral wall backdrop, look no further!

This Flower Wall Kit features our Premium Cream Silk Hydrangea Flower Walls and contains:
  • 24 Pcs Cream Hydrangea Flower Walls
  • 64 Square feet of Extra Strength Polypropylene Fencing, lightweight but incredibly tough
  • 100 Zip Ties (wire ties), each 8" long, to secure the walls to the fencing and optionally to secure the wall to a pipe and drape backdrop

  • To make the exact kit like the totally decorated photo with curtains and flowers, you can add these optional accessories:
  • 1 pc This Kit #999199 which includes the flower panels, backdrop fencing to attach it to, and wire ties.
  • 1pc #183029 Pro Pipe & Drape Backdrop 8' Tall x 6-10' Wide
  • 6 pcs #143114 Frosted Eucalyptus OR 6 pcs #143148
  • 3 Pcs #750199 Silk Rose Set of 4 Pink
  • 3 pcs #750198 Silk Rose Set of 3 Ivory

    One huge advantage of using the pipe & drape backdrop is that it is much easier to assemble the wall once the fencing has been attached to the pipes. Another advantage is that it's easy to swap out the look you’re after. If you have a flower wall kit and need a different color or say you want greenery, just clip the wire ties that hold the entire wall to the backdrop pipes and swap in a different kit!
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