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Silk Hydrangea Bloom Blush Pink - Deluxe 6" Flower

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6 inches
11 inches
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Item Description
The quality and elegance of our silk florals makes everything from planning your event to executing your design easier than ever before! Silk flowers are a dream to work with and are a must-have decorating tool for event planners, party planners or anyone who loves that awesome feeling only flowers can produce! Full and beautiful, our Deluxe Blush Pink Silk Hydrangea Bloom looks very natural and realistic but removes the stress of having to worry about keeping your flowers fresh and able to last all day.

This lovely bloom looks like it just popped open and the soft pastel colors blend together perfectly. The basic color is light pink with bits of soft yellow and a darker pink here and there, just like a real bloom! This entire Hydrangea Flower is 11" tall with the bloom measuring 4" tall by approx. 5" wide. The bendable stem has 2 large silk leaves and this blossom can go from box to vase with no primping! Use with our Ballerina Pink Acrylic Vase for Garden Parties, In the Pink Parties or combine with a Glittery Butterfly Garland for a Celebrate Life Party!

There is a minimum order of 2 Hydrangea Blooms

Create bridal bouquets with this showy flower and White Pearl Beaded Garlands, use in aisle marker arrangements and wedding arches or create gorgeous centerpieces with this no-hassle Deluxe Hydrangea Bloom. No watering, wilting or worrying about keeping the flowers fresh and vibrant. Choosing your floral Decor is now the easiest part of your planning and it's much less expensive than real flowers. Count on our wide variety of elegant silk and foam florals to elevate your design, not your stress-level!
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Silk Hydrangea Bloom Blush Pink - Deluxe 6" Flower
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