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Home  >  Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration ~ Pantone Color of the Year 2014
Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration ~ Pantone Color of the Year 2014

Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration ~ Pantone Color of the Year 2014

Few things get us as excited around here as Pantone"s much awaited announcement of the year"s hottest color. And this year"s pick, Radiant Orchid, is right up our alley. For weddings and big, dynamic events, this color packs the drama, sophistication, and flexibility that make it an awesome choice as the main hue for a reception or as an accent color with serious punch. we're not exactly known for holding back when it comes to color and bling, so pardon us if we got a little excited when the radiant orchid inspiration boards started dancing through our heads like sugar plum fairies.

As always, it's hard to beat The Bride"s accessories for high impact color visuals. And with a name like Radiant Orchid, this year"s "it" color is kind of begging to be the inspiration for your bridal bouquet"s color and blooms, isn't it? Well, a pretty lady needn't beg, but stillÉ

For an unforgettable wedding ceremony awash in radiant orchid lighting (2nd photo), we love this gorgeous combination of lit String Curtains, suspended florals with pendants as weights and strewn petals.

And for a reception that really wows, we love both radiant orchid accents and entire rooms washed in this vibrant hue. Your mood and style will dictate whether pops of color or walls washed with this shade is more fitting, but either way, radiant orchid wows. Not surprisingly, Colin Cowie is at the stylistic edge, and he has been using radiant orchid for years. As expected, he is a-mazing at channeling it for all sorts of stunning effects at wedding receptions. Whether you envision a cool, modern lounge with up-lighting and curtains to wash the room in a subtle version of this hot color and subtle Florals in square vases and candles in mercury glass dotting the tables (3rd photo) or you want an over-the-top jewel tone, complete with Chandeliers and ombre style event lighting (4th photo), for a drama-with-a-side-of-bling, no one translates a bride"s vision into a memorable event like Colin Cowie does.

We love the tiers of elevated Candles that balance the florals and jewel tones, by the way.

And for stunning event lighting with a radiant orchid touch (last photo), we love this ingenious use of a String Column to surround each of the venue"s own gorgeous chandeliers. (If we haven't convinced you by now that a great event planner is worth his or her weight in gold, wellÉ We have to try again: Many of these photographs feature event Decor that is very expensive to purchase for a single event, but reasonably included or rented directly from your planner or his sources, and almost all of the radiant orchid effects are done with lighting of neutral pieces rather than by purchasing pieces in this specific color.)

Whether you want accents of radiant orchid or an entire affair drenched in this pretty, skin-flattering tone, we can't wait to see how the color of the year gets translated into fabulous, pic-worthy events in 2014.
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