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Taking Baby Steps Into The World of Beads

Taking Baby Steps Into The World of Beads

We’ve been preaching the beauty of layered decor to enhance the luxurious feel of events from ceremonies to receptions to gala benefits, and today we want to talk about a specific and inexpensive way to add those layers.

If you’re searching for a staple decor piece that is super adaptable to any type of event, Rolls of Beads and bead strands are definitely worth a second look. The simpler, smaller cousins of the high quality bead curtains that we’re known for, rolls and strands of beads are exceptionally easy to work with and add tons of bang for a modest number of bucks.

In the main photo, we love the contrast of this ceremony dais against the stunning blue sky, and the alternating curtains and Bead Garlands cut in varying lengths work beautifully to set off this richly layered space. The chair sashes bring the vibrant red accents down the aisle ~ another example of inexpensive layering to create a luxurious feel.

In the 2nd photo we love the drama that bead strands add to this pretty floral centerpiece at a wedding reception at Bon Aventure Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And the gorgeous Crystal Beaded Candle Holders echo the bling from below, adding another layer of light and sparkle to the tablescape.

This manzanita tree (3rd photo) woven with delicate florals and studded with bead strands and Hanging Votives is one of the most imaginative centerpieces that we’ve seen lately ~ a gorgeous example of how excellent design often means a light hand and a layered look.

In the final photo, another subtle, romantic design ~ beads draped simply from a tall floral display of cream and pink blooms repeat the lines of the venue’s amazing chandeliers.

Whether you’re working your way up to full fledged bead curtain devotee in stages, or looking to add the small sparkles that make the difference between solid and stunning event decor, rolls of beads and bead strands are staple event products that will finish your designs with a flourish.
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