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Floral Chandeliers - From Top Shelf Trend to Timelessness

Floral Chandeliers - From Top Shelf Trend to Timelessness

Floral Chandeliers Speak Luxury Over Your Wedding
When they first appeared on the wedding and event scene a few years ago, floral chandeliers were a hot trend that cutting edge professional event designers were using to set their events apart from the pack. Fast-forward a few years, and they’re almost expected at the most fabulous weddings and events. Now, the most admired designers are refining their techniques and expanding their repertoires to continue to use floral chandeliers in innovative, jaw-dropping installations at a variety of price points and aesthetics. Let us take you inside a floral chandelier to see the components that make these gorgeous behemoths possible.

In the main photo, this monochromatic floral chandelier plays with texture by including a variety of types of flowers, creating an overall shape that evokes peonies by using different Suspended Florals. A quick look inside the structure of the chandelier reveals the two tier aluminum display frame that makes floral chandelier installation infinitely easier, and our faux florals put this sort of wow! feature in reach of many budgets.

If your bride can afford live florals and your crew can handle the setup, of course the effect is nothing short of breathtaking, and our Aluminum Frame is the perfect starting point. And if you’re looking for a great place to trim expenses to meet your brides’ budgets, adding a faux floral setup like this one to your arsenal is a proposition with great ROI.

Suspended Floral Centerpieces or Personal Floral Chandeliers? Either Way, They’re A Showstopper
In the 2nd photo, what could be more decadent than outdoor tables with their own floral chandeliers? This sumptuous waterfront wedding sets a new bar for elegance with Cascading Orchids floating above a long, low centerpiece of roses and tropical florals. If your budget – and the climate and weather conditions – allow live blooms to give you the look and the bottom line that you want, we support you 100%.

But if windy oceanfront weather and/or your inner frugal warrior lead you to consider faux florals, our selection of Huge Individual Blooms, cascading suspended florals, and super reliable, well built risers might just be the solution. As a designer, you can sell this basic setup customized with color, flower styles (our risers work equally well with real and faux options, btw), candles, and anything else that your brides desire.

Wondering exactly what is “next level” when your bride starts at fabulous? As in the 3rd photo, a room-sized floral chandelier coordinated with low tabletop centerpieces must be on the short list for a stratospheric level of bridal game.

In this over the top luxury wedding by I Am Flower, we just cannot get enough of the variegated, low hanging floral chandelier combined with large floral centerpieces on Crystal Risers and supersized crystal candelabras. Truly, this is luxury at its finest ~ and most decadent.

Capitalize on Your Venue’s Existing Structures by Accenting Them with Faux Floral Chandeliers
When your venue has great bones ~ and a yummy rustic shelter like the one in the 4th photo ~ suspended faux florals in a bold color are such an easy way to create a floral chandelier. We love the icicle effect of the pink florals combined with the Sparkling Crystal Candelabras and mercury glass votives on the tabletop. Literally, your only additional expense will be replacing the candles, and you can sell this setup to bride after bride for years to come.

We pride ourselves on spotting the trends that have style and staying power. For professional event designers with a long-term business vision, we supply the best quality in both the sexy showstopper event décor items, and in the unsung hero project helping tools that keep those show ponies looking great at event after event.

Whether you’re just now able to invest in the building blocks for your first floral chandelier or suspended centerpiece, or you’re ready to take your setups to the next level, we are your go to source for information, quality products, and friendly customer service.

So give the nicest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you offer your brides the looks that they want at prices that will provide top shelf value on top flight looks.
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