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Crystal Beaded Splendor for Luxury Wedding Receptions

Crystal Beaded Splendor for Luxury Wedding Receptions

Bead Curtain Entryway Exudes Sparkling Elegance
When the competition for most glamorous reception is tight and you (and your wedding designer) want a big win, Bead Curtains are among the most flexible and effective tools for creating a truly custom installation. As in the main photo, your guests will never forget entering your reception through this sparkling arch, and the bridal party’s entrances will be true (and much photographed) showstoppers.

When your guests spy this impressive entryway, your reception will instantly become the benchmark against which all other parties are compared, and your Instagram feed will be on point. Choose from our extensive selection of stock bead curtains, or let us work with you to create a Custom Curtain that fits your event perfectly.

A Floral Wall, Floral Chandelier, and Complementary Centerpieces are Highlights of this Lavender Intensive Wedding Reception
In the 2nd photo, we adore the interplay of curves and angles in this integrated design featuring a lavender floral wall, an extensive floral chandelier of purple and white florals and innovative lighting, and low centerpieces.

For a budget maximizing choice that is easy to set up and break down, Faux Florals are an ideal choice to build the floral wall and floral chandeliers, saving money that can be spent on live florals in the centerpieces. A combination of Terrariums and Low Candle Holders is extremely effective in this long, curved table arrangement.

And in the 3rd photo, this outdoor wonderland featuring greenery, Fairy Lights, and pops of color in the rose intensive centerpieces is another stunner of a reception design. We simply adore Faux Greenery for sustainability and standing up to repeat performances, and fairy lights are one of our dependable go to products for lighting up indoor and outdoor receptions safely.

Chandeliers Work Overtime to Transform Reception Venues into Custom Creations
Our extensive, event friendly selection of Chandeliers offers so many options when it comes to transforming a ballroom or other cavernous reception venue into a thoroughly custom space.

In the 4th photo, we are awestruck at this black and gold situation. From the row of black chandeliers embellished with Crystal Bead Strands and Ornaments to the suspended strands of crystals to the tabletop candelabras, this room appears to have been made to host this wedding reception. Imaginative, effective, ingenious work.

Finally, the elegant simplicity of this encircled ballroom chandelier showcases the designer’s ability to work within the venue’s features without compromising the level of creativity and customization of his design. Ringing the existing chandelier in layers of Flexible Bead Curtains and chandeliers is an inspired way to make the most of the prettiest parts of this ballroom.

The top designers from around the world never cease to amaze us when it comes to their imagination, ingenuity, and sheer love of their clients. They set themselves apart week after week by seeing venues’ structures as frameworks rather than as sets of unwelcome constraints, and they are consistently able to make custom magic within the walls of ballrooms, event halls, and even outdoor spaces.

We would love to prove to you that we can serve your small business AND your largest event décor needs just as well as we do those of the biggest names in the national and international event design world.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us show you why our customer service and our products set us apart just as your design and creative vision set you apart. We would love to help you give your design warehouse a facelift of cutting edge products that will sell in setup after setup, week after week. And we really shine when you bring us a problem to be solved ~ whether that means helping you source just the right in-stock pieces immediately or creating a custom piece just for you, according to your budget and timeline. We look forward to working with you on your next best project.
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