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Home  >  Make Your Outdoor Space Gorgeous ~ Just in Time for Fall
Make Your Outdoor Space Gorgeous ~ Just in Time for Fall

Make Your Outdoor Space Gorgeous ~ Just in Time for Fall

We're *inspired,* y'all ~ this is the first weekend of college football widowhood (shopping), we've had some chilly mornings even in the Southland in the past couple of weeks (though it's hot as Hades today), and we just generally have visions of a more gorgeous, functional outdoor space in place of our toddlerific screened porch. Since we've probably got another year (two) before *we* can reasonably give up the ToddlerContainmentArea known as our screened porch, we invite you to daydream along with us and, if you are in a better position to reDecorate, be sure to tell us how you made your dreams a reality.

There's no better place to start than with some photographs that give us space envy...Create your own green space using Artificial Landscape Wall Mats or how about a wall of succulents? Simply divine!

Of all the images that inspire us, the 2nd photo might be the one that we love the most. From the stacked stone fireplace and flexible, neutral seating to the lanterns scattered about and the pops of color (hello, snazzy Garden Stool as an end table!), we could definitely sit a spell in this outdoor living room.

If this isn't the mother of all sliding glass doors (3rd photo), we don't know who/what is. It's impractical in our climate, but gracious we could live wherever this room is. A puzzle lamp could totally bring the funk over the dining room table, and we heart the bright outdoor chairs in this relaxed combination indoor-to-outdoor space.

If you're renovating as well as reDecorating, we want to be sure you know that this amazing tile exists. Again, just gorg. Kind of brings a Mediterranean or even quasi-Moroccan vibe to this chic outdoor living space. We could totally see a pair of hanging lanterns and one or two more coordinating candle holders on that coffee table, btw. And don't forget the fab garden stool!

And finally, proving that some people with toddlers are a little more fabulous than, ahem, others, this lovely courtyard is rocking the String Lights and even letting them coexist with a "baby fwing" (very popular at our house right now) and a gated play area.

Whatever weather the end of August is bringing to your neck of the woods, fall is coming, and we plan to be ready to enjoy the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy it. On furniture. Y'all. In a year (two). Now show us how you've transformed *your* outdoors into something great. (Extra cool points for before-and-after shots, btw.)
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