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Budget Conscious Hacks for BIG Backdrops that Bring the Wow!

Budget Conscious Hacks for BIG Backdrops that Bring the Wow!

Faux Floral Walls and Landscape Greenery Walls Save Money Without Sacrificing Effect
Floral walls and greenery walls are one of the hottest trends to hit luxury weddings in years, and we just can't get enough of them. For spaces that guests will see up close, we recommend splurging on live blooms and greenery if you possibly can. But for ceremony spaces, candlelit ballrooms and overhead installations that will be seen from at least several feet away, faux floral and greenery walls are an inexpensive solution that will stand up to heat (hello, candles!) and your guests' eagle eyes.

We love them first and foremost because they look great, and also because they are easy and fast to set up and come to you ready for seasons' worth of use. Floral and Greenery Walls will quickly become one of your go to setups and a true client pleaser, both in terms of looks and budget.

Pro tip (main photo): See those red florals on the table in the foreground? As centerpieces, they really need to be real if you can possibly swing it. Used as accents in a ceremony space or other vignette that will be seen at a distance, however? We recommend our Pomander Kissing Balls as a budget friendly hack that will keep on performing for years.

In the 2nd photo, this imaginative setup by the inimitable Yanni Design Studio showcases so much of what inspires us about working with top designers. Completed for an exclusive display at a luxury wedding design event, this installation combines candles and crystal bead strands in a diamond grid with a gorgeous Landscape Greenery Wall as a backdrop. With our faux greenery wall behind and this fabulous art piece of candles and crystals in front, your bride will NOT believe how effectively you've used her resources to get the maximum visual impact for every dollar.

Chandeliers and Crystal Columns are the Ultimate Utility Players in Elegant Ballroom Ceremonies
When your venue is a large hotel ballroom like in the 3rd photo, the challenge of truly transforming it into a custom space is the overarching dilemma that informs every budget and design decision. This YDS signature interpretation of the ceremony space uses chandeliers, crystal columns and dramatic colors to transport guests out of the hotel and into the event. The swagged fabric backdrop sets the stage for Crystal Columns, red florals, and crystal chandeliers to shine, and the overall effect is simply stunning. With the possible exception of the floral arrangements (and even then we'd suggest considering faux!), every piece is reusable, which keeps costs well controlled without sacrificing effect.

The final image shows just how powerful building blocks like crystal columns, Pipe and Drape Systems and faux florals are when it comes to transforming a hotel ballroom. Bringing an entirely different vibe in a similar space using many of the same key decor elements, this YDS creation sets the stage for another grand wedding by completely transforming a large hotel ballroom. Pro tip: Check out how bead curtains and Ceiling Drapes work seamlessly with existing ballroom lighting in this setup for a truly custom event space.

We pride ourselves on stocking high quality products chosen consistently by the best designers in the wedding and event industry. We kind of love helping you mix and match trending pieces with workhorse decor items in ways that work for your creative vision, your brides, and your bottom line, and we scour the globe for the pieces that will help you take your business to the next level.

To serve the upper end of the wedding and event market, large spaces like hotel ballrooms demand top shelf treatment. Our floral wall and landscape greenery wall systems, chandeliers, crystal columns, faux florals, pipe and drape systems, and on point accessories will help you create unique event backdrops that transform boxy venues into custom spaces.

Perhaps best of all, we have the nicest customer service folks in the business, and they are waiting to help you source the event design staples that will work day in and day out at your events. They will also help you choose effective, on trend accents that will give you the best return for your design dollars ~ setups that you can sell for event after event.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us show you why Yanni Design Studio chooses us for top quality products that sell and perform for many seasons without looking worn or dated, so that they can focus on what matters most to them: creating showstopping designs for their brides and clients.
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