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Dressed to Impress Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Dressed to Impress Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Outdoor Settings Blend Nature with Installed Elements in the Best of Luxurious Modern Wedding Designs
Enhancing picturesque outdoor settings with luxurious event décor is an art and a balancing act. An experienced professional event designer knows how to take advantage of the natural setting while incorporating a creative vision and the couple’s taste into the overall look and feel of the space.

In the main photo,this lovely upscale cabana installation strikes the perfect chord, subtly illuminating the canopy of hardwood trees with Fairy Light Strands, enhancing many of the cabanas with crystal-laden chandeliers, and swathing the entire scene in fabric swags.

In the 2nd photo, this rustic chic outdoor wedding reception features bistro light strands above and a long, low centerpiece that blends Florals with candles for a classic look that meshes perfectly with the surrounding forest. The macramé table runner adds an element of texture that we love, too, proving that simple can absolutely be elegant. The overall feel is relaxed, luxurious, and fitting for a modern wedding reception.

Finally, this tent structure bedecked in fairy strands is another stunning example of blending the existing outdoor venue with lighting for an overall effect that exudes a wow! factor. Fabric swags on the perimeter soften the tent structure and allow passage between the tent and the surrounding natural areas, while the use of a clear top on the tent takes advantage of the night sky while offering some protection from potential bad weather.

As in the final photo, when your location and wedding date offer consistently fabulous weather ~ and palm trees! ~ the fairy strands can stand on their own as a sparkling ceiling for your romantic outdoor reception. We adore the high-low centerpiece concept, with Tall Candelabras punctuating the row of low florals.

Whether you’ve booked the outdoor venue of your dreams and need a bit of help adding the touches that personalize and customize it, or you’ve got creative vision in spades and need the top quality décor pieces that will make that vision a reality, we can help.

We offer the best of both worlds: the personal attention and great customer service of a small family company, and the global product reach of a larger company. That combination enables us to stock thousands of well made event décor products on site at our brand new warehouse, ready to ship.

Take advantage of our best in class customer service and our non-stop product research today by calling 1-928-855-6075, and let us show you why the top names in event design consistently choose us, whether they need large quantities of staple items, a showstopper of a custom piece, or a combination of the two. We look forward to working with you to make your most imaginative event designs come alive at your next booking.
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