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Reusable Staple Pieces - The Best Investments for Your Design Business

Reusable Staple Pieces - The Best Investments for Your Design Business

Bold Statement Pieces: Chandeliers Work Well with Accessories
We know it’s bold to proclaim that we know what the “best investment” for your business is, but we also see a LOT of the orders placed by regional, national, and even international leaders in wedding and event design, and we stand behind that statement. If you don’t already have an existing stock of chandeliers, vases, candle holders, shepherd’s hooks, and tabletop details, you’re leaving money on the table with brides and event clients, and you’re limiting your ability to grow your business.

Stocking even one or two Large Statement Chandeliers is an investment that will pay for itself in just a few events, leaving you with many profitable years to offer brides the custom looks that they want while keeping your bottom line strong.

Tamara Wendt is a genius at creating seriously custom looks across budgets and venues of all types, and her imaginative use of high end staple pieces never disappoints.

In the main photo, this outdoor wedding features tons of reusable décor, making it an environmentally friendly event that integrates the natural surroundings with well chosen staple pieces. Of course, we love the impact of a single oversized chandelier in the ceremony space. Further, the aisle is lined with shepherd’s hooks that could hold real blooms, or our reusable faux floral poms. The ceremony space’s flowing white curtains are also a reusable option that focuses attention where it belongs without competing with the lovely scenery, and if your space doesn’t have a structure, we can help with that too, with our Pipe and Drape Hardware Kits.

Tented Tablescapes Thrive with Thrifty Details
Tented outdoor receptions are some of our absolute favorites, but if you’re not careful, these cavernous structures can become money pits. A smart professional event designer like Tamara Wendt has not only the creative vision to transform a tent into a unique reception space, but also the experience to do it on your financial terms.

Suspended Glass Globes (2nd photo) can hold a mix of gorgeous little things ~ tealights, single blooms, rose petals, potpourri, and so many other options. They’re ideal for filling large spaces on a budget, and of course most of these items are reusable for event after event.

In the 3rd photo, rustic chic boxes filled with unfussy blooms and surrounded by small candle holders are a timeless, cost effective option for tented tablescapes. We love the pops of vibrant color in the blooms against the gold metallic votives.

Admittedly we’re cheating a bit in that the centerpiece in the 4th photo is at an indoor venue, but the look would work just as well at a tented reception. Again, bold floral colors paired with metallic candle holders and square vases are a perfect match. And we simply adore the contrasty pattern in the tablecloth and echoed in the (reusable!) chalkboard sign. Floating Candles round out a finished tablescape that is long on style and well within reach of most budgets.

We travel the globe, literally, to stay up to date on what is trending, what is classic, and what is already on the way to passé. You can’t go wrong adding to your supply of high quality staples that work for budget brides and high end clients alike. Because everyone appreciates the pulled together look that these pieces create, and everyone cares about value. And if you can offer a great choice of setups featuring mostly reusable event pieces, that’s a win for your clients’ budgets and a win for your bottom line. Add some accent florals and candles, and call it a (great) day.

We would love to help you figure out exactly how to supplement your warehouse with pieces that combine style, value, and longevity. Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you build a stock of event staples that will serve your brides and event clients, while establishing you as the best value in town.
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