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Iridescent Coating VS. Non-Iridescent Coating FAQ's

Iridescent Coating VS. Non-Iridescent Coating FAQ's

One of the most common questions that we get from our customers is: What is the difference between the Iridescent and Non-Iridescent coating?

Iridescent Coating: Our beads with an Iridescent Coating are put through an extra process on top of the finished beads. It is "pearlized" and gives the beads some reflective pearlized qualities. This Iridescent Finishing coat gives the beads some extra shine, and also makes them reflect other colors, mostly a hint of pink and green. These can be changed other colors using lighting. Read more below.

Non-Iridescent Beads: These beads do not have a colorful coating on top. The beads are see-through (unless you've chosen a solid color bead). They are still sparkly and shiny, but just won't have the slightly colorful coating on top. They can be changed other colors using lighting. Read more below.

They look great together. Don't be afraid to mix Iridescent and Non-Iridescent beads. Many customers will choose Non-Iridescent Curtains and Iridescent Chandeliers. Yes, you can use them together! Our High Grade Acrylic (There IS a difference!) is spectacular and you won't have to worry about one looking better than the other.

All Clear Beads Can Change Color. Our Clear Beaded Curtains can be turned just about ANY color using lighting. This is true for both Iridescent and Non-Iridescent Beads. If you choose to aim Red Lighting at your Clear curtains, they will turn red. This is AWESOME because as your Events (or your Moods!) change, you can totally alter the look of the room. We've even had clients change the color of the lighting during events to change the mood and either create energy or tranquility.

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