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Diamonds Iridescent Ceiling Drape & Canopy - 14.7 Feet Long - PREMIUM QUALITY BEADS!

Item #: 144156
Item Specifics
19 1/2 inches
14 feet 8 inches
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Item Description
Dazzle your guests the moment they enter your party with sparkling iridescent diamond beads hanging overhead in 3 elegant swags! Our Diamonds Iridescent Crystal Beaded Ceiling Drape and Canopy is 14’ 8” long by 19 1/2" wide and there are 30 bead strands attached to 4 silver rods that have hanging hooks. How’s that for hang-right-out-of-the-box convenience!

The 4 rods create three 5’ swags that are loaded with diamond shaped beads finished with an iridescent coating. The iridescent finish is a very light pearlized coating that gives the beads some extra shine and also makes them reflect other colors. The slightest bit of light shining on these beads has an extraordinary effect and since the beads are faceted, they will reflect lights from every angle. You just found instant glamour for weddings, parties and events!

There are 3 attachment points (hangers) on each of the 4 rods that make it easy for two people to hang from a ceiling. For weddings, events, dances, cocktail parties and special get-togethers, this ceiling canopy instantly ups the WOW factor of any room while adding luxurious sparkle. This can also be used as a wall backdrop by hanging part of the crystal canopy drape on the ceiling and letting part dangle to the floor.

If you’re in a decorating crunch and need time-saving décor that’s nothing short of spectacular, start here with this Crystal Beaded Iridescent Diamond Ceiling Drape, add some Matching Beaded Curtains or Columns and perhaps several Spiral Chandeliers…’re gonna be the star!
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Diamonds Iridescent Ceiling Drape & Canopy - 14.7 Feet Long - PREMIUM QUALITY BEADS!
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