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COMING SOON! Spray - Japanese Wisteria 24" - Creamy White Silk Flowers

Item #: 143028
Item Specifics
5 inches
2 feet
lay or hang
Item Description
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Our new 2' Long Japanese Wisteria Spray has 2 flowing stems with soft, romantic blooms, making it the ideal floral spray for bridal bouquets and head pieces, centerpiece arrangements or to enhance a wedding arch or trellis! The creamy flowers have a touch of soft yellow and they spill down the stems which have green leaves that add a wonderful contrast and texture. This realistic floral spray even has new shoots sprouting from the main stem!

The bare stalk of this Wisteria Floribunda is 5" long with silky leaves and blooms making up the rest of this 24" long spray. Each of the 2 flowering stems gracefully cascade down, creating an elegant floral drape. The spread is approx. 5" but this can vary depending on the height of the vase and the size of the opening. The blooms are 1" to 1 1/2" in diameter with the more mature flowers closest to the stem base - just like real Wisteria! This spray is so pleasing to the eye and it truly enhances any event, theme or party while allowing a stress-free, lost cost floral solution for you!

Please note that the video is of our 5 Stem Wisteria Spray.

From weddings to garden parties, this elongated cluster looks splendid in a vase as well as on banisters, railings or you can simply drape it over the front of a table. Combine with our identical spray that's 39" long and perfect for taller vases. Wisteria blossoms naturally add visual interest and to create a truly breathtaking display, attach these hanging beauties to a vine frame like Giverny and suspend or hang it over a table! Add some hanging candle holders to the frame and you and your guests are sure to have a magical evening!
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COMING SOON! Spray - Japanese Wisteria 24" - Creamy White Silk Flowers
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